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Monthly Archives: January 2010

So…This week my monster of a laptop (a 17 in. Toshiba Satellite) decided to almost completely stop working.  I ended up having to borrow my dad’s Dell laptop and I’m finding that I really like it. I get a 10% discount off Dell computers through my school so I looked on their website tonight. After building a laptop that I thought I would love I looked at the price…$944.oo. I really don’t want to spend that much but isn’t it pretty?

I had such a busy weekend and I am exausted…Time to go to bed, but before I do…

We’re going to the Superbowl!

Don’t get me started on the NFC Championship game. I wasn’t rooting for either team at the beginning but at some point I really started pulling for the Vikings. I’m not super happy about the calls that were made during OT.

Looks like we’ll be meeting the Saints after all…

Things I have overheard recently:

At a friend’s house…

Guy: I just got back from New Orleans…I had so much fun!

Girl: *sigh* I always wanted to go to Florida…

At work…

Girl (loudly,after eating a piece of candy): I didn’t know there was goo in it ’til I put it in my mouth!

In other news…

I’m super stressed about school now. I have a LOT of homework to turn in by Friday and I’ve relied on my work computer a lot lately. This week I have had no free time at work (actually, it’s been a fantastic week so far) and now we aren’t allowed to do any kind of homework while on the clock. My laptop basically shuts down when I open Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc… I need all of those for my homework. Meh.

On top of this week’s work in two classes I have a final project due next week that I haven’t started. Who had the bright idea that I should go to school full-time while working 40+ hours a week?!? Oh, yes…It was this genius right here.

I had to argue a bit with a professor today… I got a zero on one of my assignments. A ZERO. I’ve never had less than a 95% on anything in that class and I could find absolutely nothing wrong with the assignment. Naturally I emailed her to see what was up… She responded with “I will be giving partial credit to all assignments turned in late. You should see your actual grade soon.” Now I knew for a fact it wasn’t late and I was about to send another email when I decided to check my grade…It magically changed to 100%. All is right with the world.

This (and his other videos) made me laugh pretty hard…Could be lack of sleep.

Oh, another bit of important news: I wore matching socks today!

On Saturdays I sometimes wander down to a local bar to visit a friend that works there. I never know what I’m going to encounter when visiting this particular bar but it’s rarely boring.

Last Saturday Robin was pretty busy slinging beers and mixing drinks so I nabbed a seat at the bar between her husband and one of their friends. Now, I’ve known Kurt (the husband) for about as long as I’ve known Robin…He’s a pretty cool cat.  I had only met the friend a few times so I didn’t know much about him.

That was about to change.

After a few minutes I found myself talking with the friend. We were discussing things we do for fun and he casually tells me he plays volleyball…naked. I thought he was joking at first, of course, so I laughed. The mental picture alone was enough to make me seriously question the sanity of anyone that would actually choose to do it. I mean, think about it… people jump and dive when playing volleyball. There would be girl parts and boy parts flying in every direction!

He felt the need to prove himself by showing me pictures. I particularly enjoyed the action shot with the dude leaping into the air to hit the ball. Actually, a close second was the picture taken from behind one team while they were all bent over waiting for the other team to serve.

It turns out that he goes to lots of places, all over the country. Some of the nudist camps are clothing optional so some clothing is allowed…Others are all naked. He explained that most people have a fanny pack for the stuff that typically goes in a wallet or purse and everyone carries a towel to sit on.

After a while I asked if there were any uncomfortable moments… He told me that everyone there is so used to walking about naked that no one really thinks anything of it. I wondered if there were ever issues with hygiene… He made a face and told me that usually people were very clean. Usually?

“Well, there was this one guy…He smelled kind of bad but we were playing volleyball and it was a hot day. I just figured he was sweaty. Anyway, we’re getting ready to take a serve from the other team. He’s bent over in front of me, then he bent over a little farther to pull up his sock. I could see his whole undercarriage, if you get what I mean……”



It’s been a week and I still can’t get that image out of my mind.

I’ve been trying all day to decide what my first real post should be about…It was on my mind while I was trying work, while I was doing homework (also while working), and during the drive home. Since I couldn’t come up with anything I was really happy with I’ve decided to do an “about me” post. Original, I know…

So…Where to begin?

I have lived in the same small town (sometimes lovingly referred to as the armpit of Indiana) for 25 of the 28 years I’ve been alive.  After high school I went to college for a year and joined a sorority (KΔΓ).  During summer break I got a letter politely asking me not to return the next year due to my academic performance. I guess my major, alcohol awareness, was not technically recognized by the school and I had worked so hard (Beer Olympics, anyone?) for nothing.  A few years later I moved to Corpus Christi, Texas and learned some incredibly valuable life lessons…Well, mainly just one and I’ll share that at a later date.

I’ve been back in the Hoosier state for a little over a year now…I love being so close to my family and friends but I really miss the weather in south Texas! I hate snow…Sure, it’s pretty to look at from the comfort of your house but when it doubles your normally hour long commute to work? Uh, no thanks.

I’ve held a number of jobs… I could sell you jewelery, a cell phone, a car, glasses or contacts, insurance, beer, or a college education! I’m currently working in admissions/recruitment for a college that will remain nameless… It just so happens to be the one I’m attending. Woohoo, 80% off of tuition! This time around I am actually applying myself and believe it or not I currently have a 4.0. My mom is so proud that I think she’s going to make me print my grades so she can hang them on the fridge.

I’m single…I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand, all of my friends are married and cranking out babies (enjoy that mental picture) and I’m a smidge jealous. I’ve noticed that lately whenever I see a cute baby (because let’s be honest…they’re not ALL cute) I get a distinct pain where I imagine my ovaries are. I’m pretty sure that’s them shriveling up from lack of use. Being single has perks, though. I do whatever I want whenever I want and I love that. I don’t have to share anything I own, I always get the best spot and all of the covers in bed, and if I want to go out to watch football and drink beer with the guys I don’t have to listen to any nagging.

So…There it is. Obviously there is a lot more to what makes me such a fascinating person but I like to leave ’em wanting more. I’m off to dreamland…The alarm will be going off before I know it and this time I hope to hear it before it’s been going off for an hour and a half. You know, it’s never fun to start your day off yelling curse words.

Greetings to anyone that may have stumbled across my blog… There isn’t much to see yet but I’ll be changing that soon. I’d hate to disappoint anyone that came here looking for entertainment so for now feel free to visit the other blogs I’ve linked to. I promise they’re good reads!

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