You know how you end up with tons of leftovers when you do a pork loin in the crock pot? I like to make pulled pork tacos or barbecue with the extras…but some nights I just don’t have the time to doctor up the leftovers into something totally new.

Last night I got home later than I had intended. I had some pork loin in the fridge, along with mashed potatoes and gravy. It occurred to me that I had everything needed to make Manhattans, even though I’d never heard of making one with pork.

If you’ve never had a Manhattan, you probably don’t frequent what I call Old People Restaurants. If there are beets on the menu, you’re probably in an Old People Restaurant. You’re also likely to see beef or turkey Manhattans: piles of meat, mashed potatoes, and gravy on top of a slice of bread.  Healthy? Not at all. Good? You bet they are!

I made these pulled pork Manhattans for dinner last night and they were pretty much the best thing ever.


Top a piece of bread (any kind will do, butter is optional) with warmed up leftover pulled pork. Drizzle a little gravy over the meat, then top with mashed potatoes. Pour more gravy over the whole thing.



You could do this with any kind of leftover meat, really. Beef and turkey are most typical, but don’t be afraid to try chicken, pork… if you can make gravy with it, you can make a Manhattan!