On Saturdays I sometimes wander down to a local bar to visit a friend that works there. I never know what I’m going to encounter when visiting this particular bar but it’s rarely boring.

Last Saturday Robin was pretty busy slinging beers and mixing drinks so I nabbed a seat at the bar between her husband and one of their friends. Now, I’ve known Kurt (the husband) for about as long as I’ve known Robin…He’s a pretty cool cat.  I had only met the friend a few times so I didn’t know much about him.

That was about to change.

After a few minutes I found myself talking with the friend. We were discussing things we do for fun and he casually tells me he plays volleyball…naked. I thought he was joking at first, of course, so I laughed. The mental picture alone was enough to make me seriously question the sanity of anyone that would actually choose to do it. I mean, think about it… people jump and dive when playing volleyball. There would be girl parts and boy parts flying in every direction!

He felt the need to prove himself by showing me pictures. I particularly enjoyed the action shot with the dude leaping into the air to hit the ball. Actually, a close second was the picture taken from behind one team while they were all bent over waiting for the other team to serve.

It turns out that he goes to lots of places, all over the country. Some of the nudist camps are clothing optional so some clothing is allowed…Others are all naked. He explained that most people have a fanny pack for the stuff that typically goes in a wallet or purse and everyone carries a towel to sit on.

After a while I asked if there were any uncomfortable moments… He told me that everyone there is so used to walking about naked that no one really thinks anything of it. I wondered if there were ever issues with hygiene… He made a face and told me that usually people were very clean. Usually?

“Well, there was this one guy…He smelled kind of bad but we were playing volleyball and it was a hot day. I just figured he was sweaty. Anyway, we’re getting ready to take a serve from the other team. He’s bent over in front of me, then he bent over a little farther to pull up his sock. I could see his whole undercarriage, if you get what I mean……”



It’s been a week and I still can’t get that image out of my mind.