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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Where did September go? I swear just yesterday it was my birthday and now tomorrow is October first. Then again, it’s been a busy month… I’ve had at least one meeting or interview or deadline scheduled for every week day this month (except Monday’s interview, which had to be cancelled and I’m still miffed, but that’s life) and weekends have been just as full. I was completely taken by surprise when I looked at my calendar and realized that today was the last day of September. And then I remembered that I hadn’t even done my Ipsy post.

For shame.


September’s bag was pretty great! Once again, only one product was a little disappointing, if only because I’ve actually used it before.

IPSY♡NYX 3 color shadow palette


I love this palette! It make for a quick smokey eye that is appropriate for daytime but could be done up for night. It’s been my go-to eyeshadow since I got it.


I’ve even used the sponge applicator and it isn’t terrible (but I do still prefer my RealTechniques brush).

Pixi by petra mini brow trio


I get lots of compliments on my brows, which is weird to me… but they must stand out? Anyway, I’ve never actually used a brow powder before this one. I think I really like it, but I feel like it makes them all, HELLO EYEBROWS.

City Color City Chic lipstick in One Night Stand


I wasn’t super sure about this color, truth be told… It’s almost, magenta? It reminded me a bit of a shade worn my my grandma’s friend, actually. I tried it on, though, and thought…not bad. Now I think I actually like it. Also, this:


I have been applying it very carefully so I don’t mess up that cute little heart.

ACURE brightening facial scrub


This one I’ve actually used before. It’s okay, but not really my cup of tea. It smells very herby and looks kind of like poop…


But whatevs. Y’all know I loves me some exfoliation, so I’m using it.

NAOBAY Oxygenating Cream Moisturizing


I wish this one was bigger. It smells just like an Estee Lauder lotion I used in high school  (it was given to me, I wasn’t intentionally using old lady stuff). Every time I put it on I get a lovely whiff of show choir memories. That’s really the only reason I love it so much… I mean, it is a nice lotion, but I don’t really notice anything remarkable.


I am wearing everything from this month’s bag in the photo above (well, not the scrub, obviously), but can you tell? Not really, thanks to the horrendous lighting situation in the bathroom. It doesn’t help that I only remembered to take a photo just as I was about to wash my face… So this makeup went through two meetings, a Starbucks run, and a trip to the gtocery store. Plus typical life with a toddler.

I also got more of my hair cut off last weekend, and I have discovered that I can aim a air dryer at it until it’s mostly dry, run some styling balm stuff through it, and it’s actually presentable.

Hashtag, team short hair

Hey! If you want to sign up for Ipsy, click here. Ten bucks a month gets you a nifty bag and five fun beauty samples to play with!

Often, when I explain to people that I work from home I think they picture something very different from the truth. After all, lots of characters on your favorite tv shows have home offices, with fancy architect tables and gorgeous leather desk chairs. I can see why someone might assume that I also have a beautiful, Pinterest-worthy office at home.

But friends, it wouldn’t be farther from the truth.

The wonderful people at WeWork asked me to share a behind the scenes look at my office space,  and I was more than happy to do it… but after having a look at their shared office spaces (not yet near me, sadly), I have developed a major case of office envy.

Why? Well…

We have a third bedroom that I could use… I even went as far as to move my desk in there. Then I decided to store most of my (rather extensive) yarn stash in that room… and I may have put a few boxes of stuff in there… and what I’m trying to say is no, that is not so much an office as it is a storage space at this point in time.

So where exactly does the magic happen?

Well, a lot of the time my office looks like this:


O likes to get his laptop and practice ABCs while I’m working. He also likes to drive his tractor/choo choo/ truck over anything I’m trying to write on.


This is my office if I happen to be working on a food post. I have given up trying to keep those little fingers out of anything.


On days like today, my office is in my car, and in a banquet room of a Best Western. You can get a surprising amount of work accomplished by making work calls on your way home from a giant networking meeting.

It helps if you pick up a cold brew coffee and a breakfast sandwich, by the way.


Some days (and maybe these are my favorites), my office is wherever my crochet hooks are. I love spending time trying new patterns and working on new items for my Etsy shop.

Of course,  I haven’t given up hope for an honest-to-goodness office quite yet. I actually have a rather lovely Pinterest board dedicated to the idea that one day I will have a real home office.

I’m not holding my breath.

If you do happen to live near a WeWork location, check them out. Seriously,  the Hollywood Boulevard location looks like an art gallery. I could probably live there.

Hey, wait…Is that allowed?

I get a lot of questions about the products I review… Mostly, questions about how I get so much stuff.

I firmly believe that you can find just about anything for free or at least very inexpensive on the internet. Here are some of my favorite sites that let ou do just that:

For a meager 10.00 a month, you can get a cute bag of beauty samples (and the occasional full size product) sent right to your home. I recently received my first bag and fell in love… I’m still using all of the products I got! Click here to sign up.

Influenster is a completely free way to get all sorts of great products to try out and review. Lots of full-size stuff here, I’ve received insoles, lotions, shampoo/conditioners, makeup, tea, and tons of other stuff. In this case, you do have to make some effort… so sign up by clicking here, connect social media accounts, and then start doing badge activities. You’ll get your first box before you know it!

You already search the web, so why not get rewarded for doing it? Sign up here, then start using Swagbucks as your regular search engine. There are other way to earn, too… like watching videos and participating in offers. Trade your bucks in for gift cards or paypal cash.

Download this app to start collecting points just for walking into certain stores. Scan specified items for more kicks…then turn them infor gift cards!

Receipt Hog
This is another app. Take pictures of receipts whenever you shop to fill your piggy bank. Some receipts earn you a spin on the slot machine, and you can wil 100.00 or the dollar amount of your last entered receipt. Download it here.

Did I miss an awesome app or website? How do you save money?

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