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I hate math. I mean, I really, really hate math. I checked out around third grade when long division showed up. In high school, I was the kid rolling her eyes and proclaiming that I would never use Algebra or Geometry (turns out, I was right). College? Forget about it. I dropped my one and only math class pretty much a week in. Did I say dropped? I meant that I just quit showing up.

Even though I think math is more Devil magic than anything, I get really excited about these silly nerdy holidays. I plan to celebrate by making personal pizzas for dinner. If you feel like getting into Pi day, here are a few recipes I recommend:

Mini apple pies

Peanut butter cup pie

Apple pie

Strawberry rhubarb pie


Heart healthy pie crust

Hot fudge pie

Chicken pot pie

Cast iron skillet pizza

Chicken alfredo pizza

Are you excited for Pi day? How do you plan to celebrate?

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