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I’m extending the giveaway to the end of November…I never expected October to be so incredibly busy for me, and I did a pretty bad job of promoting the fundraiser.

We’re about halfway to the goal, with ten donations. I’d like to think we can do better, so I’m going to start counting each donation as two entries. Share this post (comment to let me know) on social media and you get one entry. Also, if you would rather donate an amount other than 5.00, please send me an email at willfullydisobedientblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

To recap:

Every donation of at least $1.00 will count as two giveaway entries. Every share of this post will count as one entry.

Click here to go to the donation site.

I added my donation already, and I may throw some more in at the end of the giveaway.

Come on, guys…’Tis the season to give, right? Help me send a holiday message to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation that will help them continue to do their  wonderful work.


This isn’t a real post… mostly just a quickie update.

Good news, guys…as of now we’ve collected ten donations! We’re about halfway to the goal and I’m pretty excited considering I haven’t been able to promote this as much as I should.

Please click here to check out the donation site… Remember, each donation is only 5.00 and gets you an entry to win this awesome scarf and hat combo (lovingly made by me!).


In other news, I got my October glam bag and it’s pretty awesome…so I’ll be reviewing that soon. I’m also making a (hopefully) kick ass zucchini lasagna for supper tonight. If it turns out well I’ll be sharing that recipe soon.

Hey, guys! Did you know that today is #NoBraDay? I just learned about it on Twitter, and it’s pretty self explanatory. We ladies are supposed to skip putting our bras on today in an effort to raise awareness about breast cancer.

I’m totally serious.

The thing is, I think by now we are ALL aware of the fact that breast cancer exists, and everyone knows that it sucks. We don’t need to raise awareness, but we could be trying to raise money. After all, medical research ain’t cheap.

If you haven’t yet, please consider donating to my fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Every donation gets you an entry to my giveaway…and who wouldn’t want to wear this super cute hat and scarf (lovingly made by me, of course)?


Here are the details:

I did some research, and I found the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. After checking out their website and doing a little digging through Charity Navigator, I planned to set aside part of the money I make through various crochet and writing projects this month for a donation.

I’ve set up a Fiverr gig for anyone that would like to add to my donation. The beauty of Fiverr is that you only have to part with five bucks. That’s right, five measly dollars. Sure, you can donate more (as much as you like!) by ordering multiple gigs, but it’s totally ok to stick with one. To check it out, and maybe throw your five bucks in the hat, click here!

At the end of October, I will cash out the money from this gig and send it to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I’ll keep you updated on the gig’s progress throughout the month, and I’ll even post a screenshot of the donation just so you know where your money went. Fiver does keep 1.00 of every purchase as a processing fee.

So there you go! Donate five bucks and you get a chance to win an awesome hat and scarf combo (plus anything else I decide to throw in your prize), PLUS you get to feel like an awesome person for helping a good cause.

My goal for this fundraiser is to get to at least $100.00. That’s only 25 donations!

Also? We all get to keep our bras on. I can assure you (judging by my last trip to Wal-Mart) that bras are wonderful and should always be worn in public. Because let’s be real… The only thing I’m going to be aware of if you participate in No Bra Day will be your unsupported lady pillows, okay?

So please donate, and share this post with your friends. Every little bit helps!

Last year I had the idea to do a fundraiser during the month of October… I had high hopes, but due to issues with the donation site my fundraiser completely flopped.

I was disappointed,  to say the least. Not one of the donations ever actually went through. I didn’t have a way to find out who had tried (save for a couple of people that told me), so I couldn’t even go ahead and do the giveaway.

But, guys, it’s October again. I believe the donation site is actually working now, and I still have the hat and scarf. I’d like to try again. The rules will be the same… Basically, every donation gets you an entry and I will pick a winner at random. My family members won’t be eligible to win (sorry, guys) but they’re welcome to donate!

To see the original post, and more details on the fundraiser, check out this post from last year and this one, too.

Click here to go to the donation site. Each donation gig purchase is 5.00, and after Fiverr takes their hosting fee the remaining 4.00 goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Each gig purchased gets you an entry for the giveaway.


Here’s hoping the second time’s a charm.

Please share this post with your friends, and leave me a comment if you donate.

I plan to close the giveaway on November 1st, and announce the winner that week. Make sure to provide an email address when you donate so I have a way to contact you.

Thank you, and good luck!

Well the contest went on longer than I originally intended. Apparently, my beloved Samsung Note 3 decided it was going to take a gimongous crap on me in the middle of running this contest. It was really the least opportune time for that to happen, because I also have a few other things going on that require me to be able to communicate.

The boy and I drove to the nearest Best Buy after Sprint customer care said I could upgrade early since I’d had their service for so dang long. It pays to be loyal, I guess (or just too lazy to switch carriers). We spent a hundred years waiting and chatting with a Samsung rep, and I finally decided on the Galaxy S6. Not only did I pay nothing out of pocket that day, I also walked away with a $100.00 Best Buy gift card just for upgrading. Not to shabby, I think!

If you happened to be in the same Best Buy while I was there, I was the lady with the antsy toddler that suddenly yelled, “I LIKE WINE!” for no reason. For the record, no. He has no idea what wine tastes like.

So now that I’m back in business, I can announce the winner of the e-cloth giveaway!

WinnerCongratulations to allaboutcoupons4fun! I’m sending your contact information to the lovely people at e-cloth so you can claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone that entered and shared!

**e-cloth was kind enough to provide one shower pack to me for reviewing, and one to the lucky winner of this contest. All opinions in the review are my own.**

Better late than never, right?

Yesterday was a much busier day than I anticipated. My mom and I had hair appointments in the morning, and since we were already in town I ran by the post office and grabbed some coffee at my favorite coffee shop. After a couple more stops, we went back to mom’s for lunch.

When I finally sat down to announce the winner, I realized that my laptop was in desperate need of maintenance. I spent the afternoon dumping a lot of memory hogs and doing some long overdue updates. Of course, by the time all of that finished (it took for-ev-er) I had to go home and get dinner ready for two very hungry guys.

As I worked on dinner, I decided to get the post written after I put O down for the night.

After O was settled in bed, washed my face, cleaned up the kitchen a bit, and settled in my chair with a blanket and my laptop.

And then I fell asleep.

So I apologize that this is late, but I apparently was in desperate need of some shut-eye.

SO. Without further ado…


The winner is…


Anna Elizabeth!

Please email Courtney at jamwithcourtney (at) gmail (dot) com with your address and wrap choices…Congratulations! Feel free to come back and show off your beautiful nails.

As for my wraps…believe it or not, they are STILL going strong! I can’t believe they’ve held up so well. I’ve been converted, for sure. Thanks SO much to Courtney for giving me the opportunity to try Jamberry!

If you’re interested in purchasing Jamberry wraps through Courtney, she can be reached on Facebook, her Jamberry site, and of course through the above email address. If you have a special event coming up, I strongly suggest you give these a shot!

Is there a beauty product you’d like to see reviewed? Do you have a product I should try? Shoot me an email at willfullydisobedientblog (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know!

I was recently offered the opportunity to review Jamberry nail wraps, and then host a giveaway so a lucky reader could give them a shot. Because I’ll try just about anything once, I love free stuff, and I really like doing giveaways… Of course I said yes.

Now, back when I used to work in a jewelry store I got into the habit of getting my nails done…I had a standing appointment every two weeks with my favorite guy. I always got short acrylics with either French tips or OPI’s Waitress (it will forever be the perfect nail color, in my opinion) because I wanted to make sure they looked classy. After all, when you’re a girl working in a jewelry store you are often asked to model things for customers…I didn’t want to lose a big engagement ring sale because my nails were snaggly and gross.

After I moved on from that job I fell out of the habit. In fact…I don’t think I’ve had my nails done since. I do occasionally paint my nails myself, but that’s a rare occasion because let’s face it…I’m usually too lazy to bother.

I’d seen Jamberry wraps before…but I never considered trying them myself until now. After getting an email from my new pal (and Jamberry consultant) Courtney, I checked out her website. There are so many choices that it took me quite a while to decide on a design I liked, but I finally narrowed it down to Midnight Celebration and eagerly awaited their arrival.

When they came (pretty quickly, I should add!), I ripped the envelope open and ooohed and ahhhhed over them for a bit. They were every bit as lovely as they had been on the website. For some reason, I had almost expected them to look cheap and tacky but they definitely weren’t.

Because I tend to fly by the seat of my pants, I didn’t bother to read the directions in advance. Instead, I waited until O was down for the evening and assembled what I thought would be the necessary tools for application.


Wine is a necessary tool in many aspects of life.

After gathering the stuff I thought I needed, I picked up the package and read the instructions. I remembered that I needed rubbing alcohol or white vinegar to wipe my nails off…and of course we were out of both.

Lucky for me, The BF ran out to his shop and brought back acetone. Ok, so now we can start sticking these puppies on!

…OH, they have to be warmed up? Maybe now is a good time to watch the video Courtney sent me

I tried to get a photo or two of the actual application of the nails, but it’s really hard to focus a camera when you’re holding a hair dryer between your knees and attempting to apply a nail wrap. I would’ve asked The BF, but he is the kind that will just take a quick, blurry picture and wander away. Plus, he was too busy helping, because he’s “applied a few decals to a number of vehicles, and that’s basically what you’re doing.” Use your imagination to picture the actual application, and feel free to add a few curse words being said because, totally.


Once I got the hang of the application process, it wasn’t so bad. It was more involved than I originally thought it would be (I’ll be honest, I was expecting more of a peel-and-stick method), but nothing worse than applying nail polish and way cheaper than going to a salon. Plus, there was no horrible nail salon smell to contend with. Am I the only one that gets the sneezes in nail salons?

Once I finished the last nail, I spent a good fifteen minutes walking around with my fingers splayed and refusing to touch anything because, hey, fresh manicure. The BF gave me a funny look and asked, “Aren’t they stickers?” and suddenly I realized I was being careful for no reason. Whoops!

I’m currently on day four of my Jamberry experience and I can’t believe that they haven’t chipped at all. Like, even with the bubbles I didn’t quite get out of the first one I applied…And even though I didn’t quite pick the right size for my thumb nails. Nope, these puppies are still going strong and I’m finding myself a bit converted.I’m not going easy on them, either…I’ve done dishes, laundry, typed, changed diapers, picked my face (I’m just being honest, here), peeled open spice containers, and all sorts of other things that would ruin regular nail polish.

I can see these being a great way to have snazzed-up nails for an event…And I’m saving the remaining wraps for my toes because I hear you can really get some miles out of them that way.

So… At this point in my Jamberry experience I’m surprised to say that I give ’em two snazzily decorated thumbs up. I’m really glad that I like them so much because remember the giveaway I mentioned?

One lucky reader will win two wraps AND a full application kit (pictured below). How awesome is that? Entering is super easy and only involves two steps!


Well, maybe three if you haven’t liked my Facebook page yet. But that’s silly, because I know you have!

To enter, simply complete the following steps:

1. Like Willfully Disobedient on Facebook

2. Like Courtney’s Jamberry Page on Facebook

3. Visit Courtney’s Jamberry website, then come back and leave a comment with your two favorite wraps.

I’ll announce the winners and give my final opinion on Tuesday, so good luck!

**Giveaway open only to residents of continental United States. Family members of Courtney and I are not eligible (sorry guys). Entries will be closed at 11:59 pm on Monday, February 2nd, 2015.**

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