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I think he knew something was up, because yesterday morning my boy started trying to wake up around 5:30. Birthday or not, this mama wasn’t having it. He did eventually go back to sleep, but at seven he was awake for real.

We went downstairs for a diaper change and some refrigerator oatmeal for breakfast. By the time he was done eating, The BF was awake. I decided to let O open his gifts from us so he could spend the morning playing with them.



He loved his new mixing bowl and measuring cups/spoons so much that he had to take them in the bath. He has so much fun pretending to cook.

The birthday boy took a nap while I showered and daddy went off to cut wood.

Once we’d all cleaned up and made ourselves all presentable-like, we went to the restaurant, where we ate yummy Mexican food and partied pretty hard.


We like to start 'em young around here. Ok, no we don't, there's no alcohol in that.


The bear is yellow cake filled with cocoa cream cheese buttercream and peanut butter frosting. The 2 cake is chocolate with cream cheese frosting.


A better pic of the cake topper I made.


My niece is super cute.

We had a wonderful time, and O loved seeing everyone. When we came home, he immediately stuck a pair of his brand-new big boy underwear on his head and went wild playing with his new toys.

As I was putting him to bed, I asked if he had a good day. He looked up at me with the sweetest smile and said, “Haybirday”.

I melted.

And then The Bf and I might have helped ourselves to another piece of cake.

So we in the Midwest are apparently in the middle of the SNOWSTORM OF THE CENTURY. Way back in the day, a hundred years ago or so, I complained about being snowed (more like iced) in… Of course back then I lived in the middle of town and I was actually able to get my car out so we could go to the store. And Blockbuster.

Some young kid just somewhere just said, “What’s Blockbuster?” Well, back in my day if you wanted a damned ol’ movie or video game you had to drive to town to rent one. You kids today don’t know about sacrifice.

Um, anyway…

So outside it looks all winter wonderlandy and stuff. Snowstorm of the century? We’ll see…


Yesterday, like a good little Hoosier, I braved Wal-Mart for French toast ingredients. Actually, my normal grocery shopping trip just happened to fall on the day before a snowstorm, but I did purchase bread, milk, and eggs.

While I was walking down the baby aisle, I saw this little gem:


Way to keep it classy, Wal-Mart.

Even though the shelves were emptying pretty quickly, I was able to get everything on my list and make it back home in time for lunch. I spent the rest of the day making a giant pot of chili, O’s breakfast for the next few days, and then watching the Colts game.

I’m still not recovered. It was quite a game, and I’m glad we won.. but I drink way too much coffee for that kind of excitement.

The BF is out checking on the wood-burning furnace, O has had breakfast and is now dancing around the living room with one of his musical toys, and I’m getting ready to start a new crochet project (that I didn’t get enough yarn for because WHY would I do that?!).

Are you getting snowed in? What do you plan to do?

For the love of God, did you get your French toast ingredients?!


My car is covered in ice… Guess this means I have to stay home in my jammies today.

Oh darn.

Well no, I didn’t have anywhere to go… but that’s beside the point.

No, I guess I don’t really have an actual point. Ok. Goodbye, then.

Hey, remember last year when I was nice enough to write up some handy tips for driving in crap weather?

Merry Christmas, here they are again!

Don’t drive like an asshole.

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