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For my readers in Indiana, this probably isn’t news. I know that every time I look at Facebook or Twitter I see updates on the search for IU student Lauren Spierer. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this story, please click on the link below for information:

The thing is, I don’t know this girl. I’ve never actually been to the IU campus in Bloomington, Indiana. I DO, however, have family members that are in college right now. I was a college student myself… And if I or one of my family members suddenly disappeared, I’d want to know that people were doing everything they could to search.

I’m not able to go to Bloomington to help search for her myself, but I’m hoping that by writing this post I can encourage someone to. Really, the more people that see her picture, the more possibility someone will come forward with some information.

If you’re in the area and you’ve seen this girl or know ANYTHING that could be helpful to the investigation, PLEASE contact the proper authorities.

Image from @newsonlaurens

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