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Well I don’t know about you guys, but I can always tell when spring is here because we suddenly go from being stuck in the house to just constantly on the go. I love the craziness that comes with the warmer weather,  though, and I think the boy is just excited to finally spend time outside.

Friday evening,  The BF put a field tile core (think field drainage pipe) in the back yard and O had a ball playing on and in it while I made dinner.


Saturday morning I got up early (well, that’s every morning) and baked this lemon blueberry cake while the boy ate his peach oatmeal for breakfast. just as I was putting the cake into the oven, The BF popped in and asked if we wanted to go to Croy Creek to look for a rooster. Um, of course we did!

Croy Creek is a huge outdoor flea market…You never know what you’ll find there. It’s just a ridiculously awesome thing to see, tables and tarps covered with glorious piles of crap as far as the eye can see. People also bring small animals like rabbits, goats, chickens, and even miniature donkeys and ponies.

The BF got some cages ready and gassed up the van while the cake baked and cooled, then we piled in and headed to junk paradise.


Unfortunately,  there weren’t many chicken peddlers this weekend so we came home roosterless. I was ok with that because it just means we have to go back.

The boy was mesmerized by all of the excitement and spent a lot of time pointing and saying, “Oooooooooh, mama!” And, “See? See?!”

On our way home we stopped at this awesome little diner that has the best Greek omelet ever. I also love this place because of a slight misprint on their menu:


After eating, we took our time heading home. We checked out little towns and stopped by our little place on Raccoon Lake to see what needed to be done before we spent the night there for the first time.


O helped by sweeping the porch.

We got home in time for O to have a late dinner while I made the icing and finished the cake. He was covered in dust and dirt, so into the bath he went…where he immediately decided to poop. Thank goodness The BF was there because while I scooped up O, he took care of the rest. I guess that’s a milestone I can write on the calendar, huh?

Easter morning was pretty relaxed. I showered while O ate breakfast and played with dad, then The BF took his turn to get ready. We had lunch with my family, then played with bubbles and his new golf set before heading to an Easter Egg hunt and dinner with The BF’S family.



After hunting eggs, eating a ton of food, and playing outside with his cousins, I think O was feeling a little slap happy. After dinner wrapped up, I was chatting with a few of The BF’S family members when he lifted my shirt and started blowing raspberries on my stomach. At first I was a little embarrassed,  but there wasn’t much I could do. As soon as everyone else in the room started laughing, O got excited and had to really show off. I almost fell off of my stool because I was laughing so hard.

The boy was so worn out that he actually slept until 8:00 this morning. I think it’s safe to say he had a good weekend.



I didn’t post much yesterday since it was Easter and we were busy with family stuff…But I did manage to test another pin! This time it was a recipe for…you guessed it…lemon crinkle cookies.

I tend to think of lemon flavored deserts around Easter…Probably because my mom always used to make a lemon cake to bring to Easter dinner. Anyway, I happened to see these on Pinterest and decided they’d be perfect. I also made a yummy zucchini squash gratin loosely based off of this recipe at


I was a bit surprised when this pin took me to a Mormon website…I’m not sure why. All I know is, those Mormon women can bake some cookies. I can see why this recipe won awards.

These cookies were really, really delicious. Oh man, they were good. I made a test batch first and determined that in my oven, 12 minutes was the perfect amount of baking time. Your oven is likely different, so start with the shortest recommended baking time and keep checking until they’re done. You’ll get at least two dozen decent-size cookies out of one batch. That might not be enough…I’m telling you, they’re addicting.

It’s a good thing I made that first batch because I took the second batch to the BF’s family Easter dinner and they didn’t come home with me. I’m a bit sad, but my waistline is probably going to thank me later. With the exception of a couple that the BF ate and the one that my mom and dad split, I ate the entire first batch by myself. Oops.

2013-03-28 17.25.10

  Test batch cookies 


These would be perfect to take to a spring get-together, or maybe for a baby shower. I personally think you should just make them because they’re good.

This pin gets a big ol’ thumbs up from me!

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