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I think I’ve mentioned before that I get really excited about giving presents… I look forward to that more than I do my own birthday. It’s really important for me to pick something that is perfect for the recipient…And I experience a fair amount of anxiety while trying to come up with something.

A few months ago, I was driving home from town when our local classic rock station aired a commercial for upcoming summer concerts. I turned it up, hoping to catch the date of the Dave show. Instead, I heard that Steve Miller and Journey were coming to town on June 28th, two days after The BF’s birthday. I couldn’t believe my incredible luck…There would be no attempts to drag ideas out of him this year (he is the hardest person to buy for), no stress at all. His present practically fell into my lap. Hallelujah!

So two days later, I’m still super proud of myself. I think that may have been the best gift I’ve ever given someone.

Before the show, we stopped at The Copper Still for dinner…where we had the best fried pickles I’ve ever eaten (the jalapeño ranch was pretty legit, too). The BF ordered a pulled pork sandwich, while I had a burger… The Hangover, with smoked bacon, bleu cheese, and a fried egg. It was amazing.


I had planned on stopping at my friend’s bakery after dinner, but we were both too stuffed to even eat a cupcake. We headed for the concert, and we got there with plenty of time to rent chairs, find a spot, and relax.


I joked that we should take selfies, and then decided to actually try to get some pics… And I laughed the whole time because I tend to be fairly horrible at selfies.


I was feeling pretty wild and crazy,  so I had one of these. Wheeeeeeeee!

We had so much fun before the show even started, just watching the crowd. We spotted some awesome mullets, though there were a lot fewer than I expected.


This guy had the best hair.


Steve Miller

Steve Miller was great, but I missed a couple of his good songs because I was standing in line for the bathroom. I was behind a mother and daughter, and they’d each had a fair amount of alcohol. One would exclaim, “LET’S TAKE A SELFIE!” and then they’d stumble and bounce off of one another until they managed to get a blurry pic that contained at least parts of both of them. This went on for a good 15 minutes, and I could see her screen so I know I’m in a few of them. I totally made faces, because if I’m going to unintentionally photobomb someone I might as well have fun doing it. The cherry on top of that whole experience was when the Terrifically Tipsy Two made it to the front of the line and the daughter declared, “I’m gonna take a selfie in the porta-pot!” She then climbed in and began her quest for the perfect porta-pot selfie while trying to close the door and stay on her feet. A part of me secretly hoped that she’d fall in, because I was missing a song I wanted to hear to watch her shenanigans. I had my phone ready, just in case, but she eventually got the door shut and apparently managed to take the selfie and pee without falling in. Bummer.

By the way…is this a thing? Have we reached such a societal low that people think it’s appropriate (and even cute) to take photos of themselves in porta potties?! Do these people know what happens in those? Gross.

Anyway, once I managed to pee (without taking a selfie, because I have more than two functioning brain cells) I booked it back to our spot. On the way, two gals stopped me to ask where I got my dress, one guy “liked what I had going on”, and another guy pointed and said, “she works out!” I yelled back, “Yes I do!” and continued speed walking, which can be hard to do in a maxi dress. I had to tuck part of my skirt into my belt to keep from wiping out on the sidewalk. I made it back just in time to hear Steve Miller thank the crowd and tell us to be kind to Mother Earth or some such thing.  It figures.

During the break, the guy next to us offered to take our picture. The BF didn’t even attempt to give me bunny ears… I think that’s a first!


So if Steve Miller was great, Journey was AMAZING. I was afraid that we’d be treated to a bunch of aging rockers shuffling around the stage with a random young Asian guy thrown in, but that was most certainly not the case. There’s a reason these guys have been around for so long. Neither The BF nor I had ever seen Journey live, and I think we were both pretty shocked at just how awesome the show was.

Here’s a link to a video I took of an awesome guitar solo… I didn’t think to get my phone out until halfway through, but you’ll get the idea. I had goosebumps the whole time.

On the way home, we stopped at White Castle (duh) and The BF thoroughly enjoyed his sliders while I tried the Sriracha chicken and jalapeño cheese fries. Both options could have been spicier, but they were still pretty good.


Of course, by the time we got home we barely had the energy to drag our old asses up the stairs to bed. We got to sleep in a little on Sunday, and after picking up our sweet boy, the BF left to paint a bathroom.

I’m so glad I got to give that guy such an awesome birthday present, because he really deserved a fun night out. Now the only problem is…

What on Earth am I going to do for him next year?!


For the record, the farts have all been his.

Yesterday was the three – year anniversary of the very first time The BF and I went on a date. In case you wondered, we went to dinner and then to his buddy’s birthday party. I wore a dark blue argyle sweater, jeans, and brown boots.

Ok, wait a minute. Ask me what I had for lunch yesterday and I will draw a blank…but I remember what I wore on a date three years ago?  That makes sense.

So yesterday I baked some cupcakes, took a shower, and did my hair and makeup…I mean, I used a curling iron. I haven’t used one of those in years, so it’s big news. I even got to wear my red jeans and my new boots. Hey, when I leave the house (for something other than the grocery store) I get fancy.

Anyway, because we are the most exciting people you know, we had dinner at a newish Mexican/Peruvian place here in town and then went to Wal-Mart. I thought we were there to get O diapers, but The BF walked in the wrong direction and ended up in the shampoo aisle. That guy remembered me saying I wanted to try this sulfate – free shampoo I read about and wanted to get it for me, but he forgot what it was called.

I can practically hear everyone saying, “Awwwwwww…”

So now I’m seriously tortured because my new shampoo and conditioner is sitting on the shelf in the shower mocking me. I don’t wash my hair every day (most times not even every other day) but the waiting is killing me…I’ve even been sneaking in to sniff the bottle all morning. I just have to be strong and tough it out.


As for the cupcakes (because honestly, that’s why you’re reading this)…Wow. I know I have declared a couple of chocolate cake recipes the Best Ever! but this one is really, really good.

I used this recipe from the Hershey’s website , with a couple of minor changes.

Instead of plain water (bor-ring), I used cooled black coffee. I also threw in some ground black pepper, about 1/4 teaspoon.  I know that sounds weird but please just trust me and try it out… I put it in every chocolate cake I make. I thought I was the only one that did it, but apparently The BF’s awesome grandma was a fan of it, too. No wonder she and I got along so well…Great minds!


For the peanut butter buttercream, I used Wilton’s recipe and altered it slightly. After following the recipe exactly, I decided it needed more peanut butter and added another 1/4 cup… In all, I used between 7 and 8 tablespoons of milk to get the consistency right.

These have been a big hit so far. I would definitely recommend baking them for your next special occaision… And if you don’t have anything special coming up, just find something to celebrate. Tomorrow is Friday? Well there you go!


You know you want to.

If you’ve liked my page on Facebook (you can do it in the right-hand sidebar over there), you probably saw that I made an experimental dessert on Friday. I had been kicking the idea around ever since I made the cherry delight, and I decided the BF’s family Christmas was the perfect occasion for my mystery concoction.
Turns out, no one minded playing pie guinea pig because it was really pretty good!

Here’s what you need to make this super quick and easy holiday (or anytime) treat:

Oreo crust (I used a store-bought crust this time. Shameful, I know)

For the chocolate filling:

1 envelope Dream Whip

1/2 cup cold milk

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

3/4 cup powdered sugar

4 ounces cream cheese, softened and cut into cubes

For the peanut butter filling:

1envelope Dream Whip

1/2 cup cold milk

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1 cup peanut butter

1/2 cup powdered sugar


Prepare Dream Whip according to package directions. Add cocoa and cream cheese and mix well. Once combined, add powdered sugar. Mix well. Spread about half of the chocolate filling into an even layer in the bottom of your crust. Cover and refrigerate.

Peanut butter:

Prepare Dream Whip according to package directions. Add peanut butter and powdered sugar. Mix well.

Spread a thin layer of peanut butter filling over the chocolate layer in your pie crust. I had a little peanut butter filling left (about 1/2 cup that The BF gladly ‘taste tested’)… You’ll want the middle layer to be a bit thinner than the others. Top peanut butter layer with the remaining chocolate filling, cover and refrigerate. Mine chilled overnight, and I think that is the best way to go.


I apologize for the not-so-great picture. I totally forgot to take a picture until the darn thing was almost gone. I did sneak a little piece, and I have to toot my own horn a bit on this one. Toot!

In other words, it’s tasty!

Here’s the BF and I, modeling his Dirty Santa gift of Bubba teeth, fake pink mustaches, and a spy disguise:


We’re hot.

I love my readers. I mean, seriously.

I haven’t posted much because I was so busy pulling my hair out planning the boy’s big first birthday. I’ve also been horrible about checking my blog’s email account. I just checked it and there were a handful of emails just asking if I made it through the storms ok.

That warms my heart, y’all.

Luckily, we live in an area that didn’t see the worst of what Sunday’s storms had to offer. Oh, sure, we had some minor damage… but the house is still standing.





It did get a bit scary for a minute. I already had the diaper bag next to the basement door, along with our jackets and a blanket…And I made sure to put jeans and tennis shoes on.

…Look, I don’t think I want to be interviewed by channel 6 news wearing my snowflake pajama pants…

Anyway, I was prepared.

The BF and I spent most of the time watching the storm while O played with his new toys in the living room. At one point it was pouring buckets in the back yard, but dry as a bone in the front yard. I was about to comment on how strange it was when The BF calmly walked by me, scooped up the boy, and went to the basement. I looked out the back door and immediately saw why. The rain and hail was coming down sideways, making it impossible to see. I could hear stuff bouncing off of the house and thought the basement might be a good place to be.

We were only down there for ten minutes before I felt the need to investigate and found blue skies and pretty minimal damage outside. We were incredibly lucky, because the same storm produced a tornado about 20 miles east of us.

I’ve written before about a previous tornado experience that quite literally blew the BF’s old house away… So we’re no strangers to what a tornado can do. My heart goes out to the people hardest hit by Sunday’s strange weather.

So to answer the emails I got… No, I am not posting from Oz. We made it through safe and sound.

Thanks for thinking of me, guys.




7:00 am: Wake up, look at monitor and see O standing in his crib waving at the camera and saying, “Maamaamaa”. I’ve never been a morning person, and even though 7:00am (or earlier) is now my standard wake-up time, I still wake up all fuzzy-headed. The temptation to pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep is strong. Still,  I go in and get him… and of course he gives me a huge smile and starts clapping when I walk in the room so I suddenly don’t mind being up.

7:05 am: First diaper change of the day. Looks like the prunes O ate the day before did their job. Sheeeeeeeewie! Toss diaper in the trash, make a pot of coffee, and run some dish water. I turn on the news and let O run wild around the living room for a while like a tiny but destructive tornado. Say “No” approximately one hundred million times. Get into a handfull of tickle fights… Surprise! I win! BF comes down for a cup of coffee and heads off to work.

7:30 am: Time for breakfast! Apples, bananas, and oatmeal for O, a cup of coffee for mama. BF stops back in for another cup of coffee before heading off to start his day. O and I play with flash cards while he’s chowing down.

8:10 am: A morning bath has become necessary after O decided to smear his breakfast on the high chair tray and rub his face in it. He also decided that apples, bananas and oatmeal would make a fantastic hair treatment, so he rubbed it all over his head. I let him make more of a mess in the high chair while I run bath water. He’s got so much breakfast in his hair that I actually have to lather, rinse, and repeat. He really enjoys bath time so I let him splash a play for a few minutes while we (I) sing the alphabet song. image 8:30 am: O is enjoying the after-bath nakedness immensely, so I let him hang out in the buff…but after a while I feel like I’m playing with fire, so on with a diaper and onesie. Surprisingly, he doesn’t fuss much. I decide to tempt fate and put him in the bouncy seat while I do some dishes and tidy up the kitchen… He doesn’t seem to mind, so I get some laundry sorted and throw a load in while he’s playing. We (I) sing songs while I work so he doesn’t feel like I’m ignoring him.

9:45 am: O is showing signs of being hungry and sleepy, so I make a bottle and get him settled. I only hold him to give him a bottle now at bedtime…any other time he will take care of that himself, thankyouverymuch. Take this opportunity to pee since I haven’t done that yet this morning. When he’s done eating, he seems to need some help falling asleep. I cave and bounce him for a few minutes while I stand in the living room and watch the last of the news.

10:20 am: O is sound asleep. Put laundry in the dryer and throw another load in the washer. Clean up bathroom and laundry room (nothing major, just wipe down sinks, toilet, bathtub and shower). Put high chair tray in hot, soapy water to soak. Head upstairs to tidy up the bedrooms. 12:00 pm: I’m starving, and O is STILL sleeping (he’s teething, so sometimes his naps are a little longer), so I decide to make myself some lunch. I get distracted by the high chair tray I forgot about so I go ahead and scrub that clean. I pull the laundry out of the dryer and get another load started while I’m at it. I start to fold the laundry when I remember that I meant to have lunch.


12:30: I make myself a quick salad (arugula, beets, a sprinkle of parmesan, and a little ranch dressing with a bottle of water to drink). I get two bites in before O wakes up. Of course. When I pick him up it becomes apparent that those prunes didn’t completely leave his system this morning. Smelly diaper change in the middle of lunch…Why not?

12:40: Dispose of butt bomb and wash my hands. I decide to try eating with O on my lap and by some miracle he cooperates. After I eat, we have another round of chase the baby around the living room while I attempt to fold laundry. O decides to help by pulling all of the laundry out of the chair and onto the floor. This keeps him occupied, so I play along by putting the clothes back into the chair so he can pull them out again. I use this opportunity to teach him about colors. “See that shirt of Mama’s that you’re dragging across the floor? That’s a pink shirt. Oh, and that sock you’re chewing on? Why, that’s white…” O laundry 2:30 pm: O is suddenly STARVINGRIGHTNOW so I make him a bottle. He takes his sweet time eating, then starts to act sleepy. Bouncing doesn’t seem to work so I take him upstairs to rock him in his bedroom.

3:15 pm: O is asleep in his crib. I go downstairs to work on more laundry and fold, fold, fold. While I’m at it, I pick up the living room. Because I apparently love doing the same thing a hundred times a day.

4:45 pm: O is awake and HANGRY. Retrieve the little chomper from his crib, change his (thankfully not poopy) diaper and hook him up with a bottle. Hey, did I mention I have MORE laundry to fold? This time O is occupied, so I get a lot done while he downs his bottle. We count the clothes as I fold. I may or may not do a pretty crappy Sesame Street Count Dracula impression while we fold and count. “ONE t-shirt, AH-AH-AAAAHHHH…”

6:00 Holy Mother, the kid pooped again. Change diaper, get him out if his onesie and into his high chair. Time for some veggies!

6:15 pm: BF comes home with formula, diapers, and a hand-held bug zapper. He proceeds to then wander about the house zapping flies, completely distracting O from his dinner.

6:45 pm: The boy is finally done eating. I clean him up and wipe down the high chair and tray. He goes in the play yard for a minute while I take a couple of baskets of clean clothes upstairs. By the time I get back down (maybe a minute later), he’s tired of being in there and letting me know about it. I let him out and he immediately heads over to bang on the tv screen. We start the “you know you aren’t allowed to do that” dance, where I pick him up and deposit him away from the tv, and he goes right back to it. This goes in for a while, then The BF comes in and distracts O for a bit.

7:30 pm: Bedtime is near, and you can tell O is ready. I make the little grump a bottle and he sits on the BF’s lap while he eats. He gets a new diaper, then he goes with the BF for a quick evening ranger ride around the property. {Bedtime usually consists of a bath (about every other night or so since his skin tends to be a bit sensitive), a bottle, and rocking in his room while I sing songs that I’ve customized with his name. Occasionally, though, the BF likes to take him on ‘nature drives’.} While they’re gone, I put the laundry away and put dinner in the oven. Typically I start making dinner around 5, but we have leftover homemade chicken alfredo pizza (um, with bacon) so I don’t have to mess with it tonight. Hooray!

8:10 pm: The BF is back, and O is sound asleep. BF puts O in his crib, then comes down to eat. I do more dishes (bottles and dinner plates) and make a gallon of iced tea while talking to the BF. After I’ve got the kitchen cleaned up he heads off to do some more work. The man is always working, seriously.

9:00 pm: I sit down and eat a piece of pizza, then I decide I need ice cream. I flip through the guide on the tv and find that a show I like comes on at

10:00 (Tripping Out with Allie and Georgia… cutest show ever) so I switch to that channel to make sure I don’t miss it.

10:15 pm: The BF is still in his office working on something and I’m only 15 minutes into my show but…I just can’t keep my eyes open. I make my way through the house, turning off lights and stuff…Then I realize that I’ve forgotten to brush my teeth. I make it back to the bathroom in the dark, managing to only run into one wall, brush the ol’ chompers, and head upstairs to bed.


10:30 pm: I’m suddenly wide awake as soon as my head hits the pillow…So I bust out my phone and fool around on Facebook and Twitter for a bit. Thought Catalog  has tweeted links to some interesting articles, so I read those.

10:45 pm: Ok, now I’m back to being sleepy. I check the boy on the monitor and he hasn’t moved…so I sit there and stare until he fidgets just a little so I know he’s ok. Sure, I could get up and go check on him, but sometimes just breathing near his doorway wakes him up and then it’s TIME TO PLAY, MAMA! Um, no. I’ll just lay here and squint at the monitor, thanks.

Sometime around 11:00 pm: ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…   So there you have it. An honest answer to the question I always get when I tell people I’m a stay at home mom: “What do you do all day?!” No, I don’t get bored…And no, I don’t just ‘sit on my ass all day’ as some people would suggest. In fact, I don’t generally stop moving until I flop down on the couch some time after the sun goes down.

I did not document all of the times I went to the bathroom (so don’t worry, I do pee and poop during the day), but just assume that any time O naps or is contained or is being distracted by someone else I take the opportunity to go pee. Even if I don’t have to, I try.

What? You just never know when you’ll get the opportunity again.

I actually chose a pretty light day, as far as cleaning goes… Typically I pick a room and clean it top to bottom (as best I can with a 9 month old) each day…And I usually try to do a load of laundry a day to avoid days like this. I wasn’t home much last week, though, so a day of laundry catch-up was necessary!

What does your day look like? Do you stay home or do you go to work?

Friday evening the BF and I decided to make an appearance at the Ladoga fish fry. If you haven’t been to a fish fry, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Also? Can we go ahead and agree to pronounce it Ladogey from now on? Ok, thanks.

Unfortunately for us, the line was ridiculously long so we didn’t eat at the fish fry… Instead, we ventured down the street to one of my favorite restaurants, the L&M. I’ve mentioned my love of old people restaurants before and this place definitely falls into that category. Want to know why?



Oh yes, a salad bar complete with mayonnaise-y salads, fruit and marshmallow concoctions, and beets. I didn’t look through the menu enough to see if they have Manhattans because I got the same thing I always get:


Holy fried clam goodness, Batman. Weird but true: I don’t do shrimp (gag) but I looooooove fried clams. Yup.

After dinner we went back to the fish fry to watch fireworks.

I’d like to pause here to mention that the Ladogey fish fry totally trumps the Montgomery county fair. Double-ewe tee eff, guys?!

O slept through the entire fireworks display and the ride home. Of course he did.

Yesterday morning I woke up at NINE AM HOLY SHIT GUYS because the BF somehow heard O before I did and decided to let me sleep. What a neat guy. I decided to reward him (ok, and I didn’t get enough from the salad bar the night before) by making cucumbers and onions. Is there an official name for this? I have no idea, but it’s delicious.

It’s also easy!

I used:
2 large-ish cucumbers
1 medium white onion
2 cups water
1 cup white vinegar
1/2 cup sugar
Pinch of salt

Thinly slice the cukes and onions, then dump into a bowl with everything else. Stir, cover, and refrigerate (preferably) overnight.


Helloooo, yummy goodness!

Fun fact: I’m a former 4-Her… I devoted ten of my precious summers to 4-H projects and Junior Leader meetings and outings. I won’t say I loved every minute of it, because there were definitely some arguments about what I’d rather be doing (goofing off with friends) versus what I needed to be doing (putting together my Photography poster), but for the most part I really enjoyed it.

The best part of being in 4-H was the fair. Once I got into Junior Leaders I spent a lot of time at the fairgrounds and I have loads of fond memories of fair week.

The BF and I are really excited for when O is old enough to be in 4-H. We were also pretty excited to take him to the fair for the first time…

Well, until we got there.

I don’t think it’s much of a secret in my community that our fair has gone downhill.  I can remember when we used to have a little carnival, with rides and games… Not anymore.  In fact, there isn’t much left to our fair except for the exhibit hall, barns and the arena. We grabbed a quick bite in the pork producers tent, then walked the grounds for a bit to chat with people we knew. I bought a small lemon shake-up and the BF got a giant chunk of chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick.

montgomery co fair food

L: Cheesecake. On a steek. Also, the bf’s rad Hawaiian shirt. R: Lemony goodness

We decided that we needed to do better for O’s first fair experience. I mean, even he looked bored the whole time we were there. Lucky for us, the very next week was the Putnam county fair.

Now that’s a fair, guys and gals.

No trip to the Putnam county fair is complete without a stop at the Legion burger stand. These are similar to White Castle sliders, but they don’t seem to pack the same…um…punch.


legion burgers

L: The Legion burger stand at the Putnam county fair. R: Legion burgers!

I’m not ashamed to say that I polished off four of those puppies and I could have eaten more. Fair time is NOT a time to practice  eating in moderation.

After eating, we made our way to the carnival area. O got to ride the merry-go-round (with a little help from the BF) and he looked like such a big boy that I almost cried. We couldn’t leave without winning a stuffed animal, so O and the BF played a fishing game. O won a turtle because he’s awesome.


L: O’s first carnival ride (with Dad, ’cause mama would’ve barfed). R: The super cool turtle O won.

After a quick stop for some kettle corn (we ended up with the caramel apple flavor), we headed back to the car. On our way we had to stop at the truck pull for a few minutes to watch. I looked down to see O’s reaction as one truck was coming down the track, and the little guy was sound asleep. No amount of diesel pickup truck noise was going to wake him up!

truck pull

There goes a couple of polar bears…maybe a penguin…probably a baby seal or two. ‘MERICA!

We had a really nice time. My parents were with us (since my entire family is from Putnam county) and I know they really enjoyed being there.

It’s so amazing to watch my boy experience things for the first time, ever…and it’s also pretty great to see my parents as grandparents. When I got in bed that night, I know I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.


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The Blog Dare on Bloggy Moms

If you remember this post, you’re probably thinking, “she’s tried this before and it didn’t go well…” You’re right, my first attempt at a chocolate mug cake was a disaster BUT it was because I didn’t have the right ingredients on hand.

Last night I was aimlessly scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I saw a status update from a friend. One that mentioned cake. Being slightly hungry but really mostly bored, I instantly wanted  desperately needed cake. Warm, moist chocolate cake with ice cream, to be exact. Since I made that birthday cake for the BF a few weeks ago, I had everything I needed to make a chocolate mug cake.

I found a recipe for a Two Minute Chocolate Mug Cake through a quick Swagbucks search and went to work. I didn’t have chocolate chips, so mine didn’t have any gooey fudge stuff in it. Still, it was a damn good cake for five minutes of work, including the two minute cook time.

Because I’m nice, I offered to share with the BF. Ok, also because there was too much cake in my mug and I needed room for ice cream. At least I’m honest.

choc mug cake2

choc mug cake

I know what you’re thinking… You’re thinking, “Hey, that looks good…but where’s the hot fudge?”

We didn’t have any.

I know.

BUT it was still pretty good! And now that I know it works, we may have chocolate cake every night! Not really.

Me: Um, babe…the gas light is on.

BF: …

Me: The gas light is on. *pointing*

BF: I see it.

Me: So…Shouldn’t we get gas?

BF: Naaaaahh… We can drive to Lafayette on that (about 30 miles).

Me: Nooooooo…Look, the needle is in the red. In. The. Red. The gas light has never come on in this car but I’m pretty sure that means we need to get gas immediately or we’re in dire straits.

BF (as he continues to drive in the opposite direction of a gas station): We’ll be fine! Hell, we could make it to Indy (60ish miles) on that! Well, Brownsburg (about 40 miles), at least…

Me: *angry face*

The BF merrily drove us home while I watched the gas gauge from the passenger seat, silently fuming because how dare he let my gas get that low.

The next morning, we got in the car and headed to my mom and dad’s house. No mention of stopping at a gas station and my gas gauge was still in the red. After he dropped me off I was convinced he’d run out of gas on the way back to our house.

That evening on the way home, I looked at the gas gauge and noticed that it now said I had half a tank.

Me: Thanks for putting gas in my car!

BF: We still could have gone to Lafayette on what you had.

Me (Digging through the glove box): Um, no. No we could not.

I located the owners manual and flipped to the section that covered fuel.

Me: OK. *reading aloud in an incredibly smug manner* When the gas light comes on and the instrument panel reads GET SOME DAMNED GAS (ok, not really what the manual said but close), your tank contains 1.6 gallons of fu…

BF: Hey…What’s the gas mileage on this thing?

Me: Shut up.

BF: Something like, 30 MPG highway, right?

Me: Not talking to you.

BF: So… With what we had yesterday…



So there you have it, ladies and gents… Mark your calendars. I was mildly incorrect (did you think I was going to say I was wrong?) about something. I guess it had to happen once in my lifetime.



Yesterday I reached the summit of boredom when both the BF and O decided to nap. The house was alarmingly quiet and I couldn’t decide what to do with myself.

I realized it was time to take my meds and I’m supposed to take them with food. Chicken In A Biscuit and Easy Cheese? Don’t mind if I do!

In the middle of my feast, the BF wandered downstairs to pee…and almost caught me squirting the cheese directly into my mouth.  I froze, using the Jurassic Park don’t-move-and-he-can’t-see-you logic. Good thing he was mostly still asleep, because I think it worked.

Once he’d made his way back upstairs, I put the Easy Cheese up and shuffled into the bathroom. I don’t know what I was looking for as I stood there poking through the medicine cabinet, but I managed to discover this:


I remembered buying it the week before my surgery, but I had completely forgotten about it. Excited to have something to do, I ripped it open and smeared it all over my face.


After scrubbing it off, I was surprised at how good my skin looked. This stuff was pretty cheap (around $2.00 and I had enough left over for another mask) and it worked like a dream. Next time I’m in CVS I’m buying a full size container for sure.

Of course, I can’t leave well enough alone so I immediately stuck a couple of pore strips on my face. They sucked even more gunk out of my face. I’m not surprised, since I’ve been fairly lazy about my skincare routine lately.

I managed to finish everything before the BF came back downstairs, so he still gets to have the illusion that I just naturally have beautiful skin.

He was a little sad that I’d polished off the rest of the Chicken in a Biscuit crackers. I tried to blame it on O, but I think he knew…

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