As I mentioned jn my previous post, I’ve been pretty busy lately…I fancy myself quite the multitasker, so if I can figure out a way to cram more than one activity in at once, I do it.

I know texting while driving is a big no-no, so I obviously don’t do that

Ok, yes I do. But I use speech to text and I wait until I’m stopped at a red light so it’s totally safe. I would even argue that my driving is actually safer now, because whenever I see a light turn yellow I actually slow down and stop to maximize my texting time. Before I’d speed through that sucker before it turned red.

For the most part, my phone picks up what I say really well. I try to proofread when I can, but I can usually trust the STT well enough to send messages without much of a glance.

And then this happens.


I was headed to a friend’s house to drop off a scarf I had made for her. She asked if we were hungry since it was around lunch time, and I said “We had Bob Evans. I’m suffed but who knows if O will eat more.”

It went downhill from there, as you can see.

Another afternoon, I was going to leave my friend’s Christmas/Thank You gift in her mailbox. After dropping it off, I used STT to let her know. I didn’t realize it was still listening, and as we rounded a corner I thought I saw a dog running along the side of the road.

I said to my mom, “Is that a dog? I don’t want to run over him!”


So… Yeah.

Do you use STT? Has it betrayed you in hilarious ways?