I had such a good response from the first holiday gift guide that I decided to do another one right away. I love that so many of you are excited about supporting the little guy.

As some of you may know, today is Small Business Saturday. Lots of small businesses may be offering special discounts today, and some may even have extended hours. My town holds an annual Party Night. Participating businesses stay open late and there are carraige rides downtown…It’s a really fun evening.

Of course, if you’re more of an online shopper, you can still participate! Just check out my previous gift guide OR take a look at some other awesome things I’ve discovered:

Do you have someone that can be a little hard to buy for? Maybe a beer or wine aficionado? Head over to RayMels and check out the selection of these trays made of melted wine, liquor, and beer bottles. They’d be useful for all sorts of things… Cheese and crackers, a place to leave your change, a bedside table catchall…  I mean, you do whatever you want with it because who am I to tell you what to do with your awesome tray?

arrogant bastard

If wine bottles aren’t your thang, they have tons of other items to look at. How about one of their handmade clocks? You can get melted bottle clocks, but I think this old school percolator clock is super cute.


I can’t talk about handmade gifts without encouraging you to order something from Crochet Me Lovely. This gal must have fingers and wrists of steel, because she’s always adding awesome new stuff to her shop. Not only does she make hats and scarves, but she has an offering of some seriously beautiful afghans. As the owner of several afghans my grandma made, I can tell you that there’s nothing better than a crochet afghan on a cold winter evening. They can be expensive, but a lot of yarn goes into these…not to mention the hours it takes to make one.


So go out and celebrate the little guy by buying gifts from small businesses near you today…Or stay comfy at home and order online. Either way, no one appreciates your business more than the owner of a mom and pop shop.

Happy Small Biz Saturday!

*If you own a business or are the maker of beautiful things feel free to send an email to willfullydisobedientblog (at) gmail (dot) com with info, links, and any pictures you grant me permission to use. If I like what I see, I just might add you to my next gift post.

All pictures in this post are courtesy of the Etsy shop owner that created the items, used with their permission. I found all items and shops on my own, this is NOT a sponsored post, and I have not been compensated in any way.