Ok, I know it isn’t quite Thanksgiving yet, but I’ve already started my Christmas shopping. Yeah, I know it might be hard to believe that the queen of last minute gift shopping herself is starting a bit early but…I’m proud to say that I’ve already purchased TWO GIFTS.


Don’t worry…The remainder of the gifts I have to buy will be purchased sometime around 5:00 pm the day before Christmas Eve. Many curse words will be said.

I’ve been doing a lot of looking online, specifically on sites like Etsy because I love the idea of buying unique, handmade gifts. Sure, there’s a lot of crap for sale on Etsy, but if you look hard enough, there are some real gems.

-I discovered Foxwood Drive through Twitter. If you are in need of some seriously beautiful, sophisticated jewelry for any of the ladies on your list this is the place to look. This Champagne ring is one of my favorites, but it’s all gorgeous.

Champagne ring

copper patina cuff

I don’t really wear a lot of jewelry since it would just end up a toy for my toddler, but this stuff? I would wear it to the grocery store…Which is practically the only place I go. It just looks like the sort of thing that would instantly make you feel fabulous, even if you haven’t showered in a few days and are wearing the same sport bra you slept in. Put one of these little confidence boosters under the tree for your favorite lady, please.

-If you’re shopping for a youngun, check out Simple Gifts. I absolutely adore this Cookies for Santa set, and this Bucket of Beetles may end up under our tree this year. These are toys you can feel good about… They are made by a homeschooling mom who uses “recycled packaging, donates monthly to non profit organizations and participates in reforestation programs. Simple Gifts beeswax is local and is the only non – vegan product used.”

Cookies for santa


You can tell that a lot of work goes into each toy. My favorite thing? None of these need batteries or make any sort of noise. In fact, they don’t do anything. These are the sort of toys that will encourage imaginative play, unlike the ones that seem to play with themselves.

-Another shop full of handmade awesomeness is Ivy and Company. Everything you see in this shop is hand sewn and quite stunning. I am obsessed with her headbands, and I might have to order one for myself after the holidays. Well, unless someone wants to order one for me. Hint, hint.

Tell me this isn't adorable.

Tell me this isn’t adorable.


If I had a daughter, I would be all over that apron. Actually, I wanted it for myself until I actually looked at the full picture and realized it wasn’t in a grown up size. I may be a small person, but I’m not quite toddler size. Take some time to browse through the different headbands available, because she does have different sizes.

-For the gadget lover, consider this Crochet Gadget Cover by Natalya1905. There are a few different styles and colors, but the one in black, green, and brown would be perfect for your techie man.

-If your man enjoys music and needs something to haul his money in, this gorgeous hand stitched wallet would be a thoughtful present.

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about shopping locally lately and I think that’s great…But I think it’s even better to try to support all of the little guys, no matter where they’re from. These people are taking the time to craft each object they offer, so in most cases every item is unique. To me, getting something that was lovingly handmade by someone would mean a lot more than if I got some mass-produced designer purse.

Consider not only shopping locally, but also shopping small. Yeah, you might spend a little more (but sometimes less!), but it will be worth it.

*If you own a business or are the maker of beautiful things feel free to send an email to willfullydisobedientblog (at) gmail (dot) com with info, links, and any pictures you grant me permission to use. If I like what I see, I just might add you to my next gift post.

All pictures in this post are courtesy of the Etsy shop owner that created the items, used with their permission. I found all items and shops on my own, this is NOT a sponsored post, and I have not been compensated in any way.