So now that all of the hullabaloo (isn’t that fun to say?) from my tv show has died down, I’d like to say thank you to everyone that watched, shared, commented, called, and supported me.

This whole experience has been a wild ride from day one and I’m glad y’all went through most of it with me. Who would have thought Fred would become so famous? Not me!

A lot of people have asked what I thought about the segment. I loved it, and I think the people at The Doctors did a wonderful job. I can tell you that those people work hard and they are constantly on the move. The amount of activity buzzing in that studio made me want to lie down somewhere… But they were all as calm as can be. I’m not sure I could work in TV every day but I have a new respect for those that do.

I did notice that a little of the live part of my segment got cut out, probably for time. In the taped piece, I mention that O kicked the tumor occasionally. One of the doctors declared that O was going to become a soccer star after spending all of that time kicking his own little ball in there. It got a good laugh out of the audience, and I explained that I was already prepping him for a career as a kicker for the Colts.

I didn’t mention that I hate soccer…I figured that would be rude.

Considering the finished segment that aired clocked in at almost five minutes long, I’m really not too sad that part of it ended up on the cutting room floor.

Life has mostly returned to normal around here. I’ve kept steadily busy with various freelance jobs and I have a bunch of custom crochet orders to complete…And then there’s the birthday party I have to plan because my sweet boy will be two in a couple of weeks. Can you believe it?

So…While I quite enjoyed being whisked off to LA to play TV personality for a week, I’m happy to be where I am now, in my sweet little farmhouse in small town Indiana…

Mostly because I still can’t talk my family into moving to LA.