Yesterday morning, O was eating breakfast and I was wandering around aimlessly, picking things up while I waited for my coffee to brew. My hand landed on a half-skein of soft, thick, pink yarn and I found myself wondering if I had enough for a hat. I had actually just finished one, and it turned out so well that I wanted one for me, too.

O finished breakfast, I drank my coffee, and we spent the morning being a little lazy because, Sunday. O went down for his nap after lunch, so I turned the Colts game on and set my sights on that yarn.

Something occurred to me while I was crocheting. Instead of keeping the hat, I could make it part of a giveaway along with my Breast Cancer research fundraiser. It was, after all, bright pink.

Almost as if it was meant to be, I had exactly enough yarn to finish a hat that would fit an adult woman.

Well, it fit me…My adult status may be questionable at times.

I added a little detail that I actually think looks really cute. All in all, I think this might be my favorite hat.



If you would like a chance to own this one of a kind hat (that might be the softest thing you’ll ever wear), all you have to do is donate. You will be entered into the drawing every single time you purchase a donation gig.*

Throughout this month, I may occasionally add to the prize, so keep your eye out for updates. Please continue to share this post and the Fiverr donation link. Thanks to everyone that has shared it already!

*I will randomly pick a winner on November 1st. Unfortunately, I can only open this drawing to residents of the continental United States. Members of my family are not eligible (sorry, guys). You may enter as many times as you like. The winner will be announced in a blog post, and I will give that person one week to contact me at willfullydisobedientblog (at) gmail (.) com with his or her shipping info.