I don’t know if you guys have heard, but October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Pink is everywhere, from canned soup labels to tee shirts to razors…even the NFL has jumped on the pink bandwagon. It seems pretty great, doesn’t it?


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I get that people want to show their support, and I do think that’s awesome…But I can’t help but think a sizable donation to the right charity would be even better. Unfortunately, since I still haven’t won the lottery (possibly because I don’t play? I don’t know.), I just don’t have the means to write the big, fat check that I’d like to.

This is where you guys come in.


I did some research, and I found the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. After checking out their website and doing a little digging through Charity Navigator, I planned to set aside part of the money I make through various crochet and writing projects this month for a donation.

I’ve set up a Fiverr gig for anyone that would like to add to my donation. The beauty of Fiverr is that you only have to part with five bucks. That’s right, five measly dollars. Sure, you can donate more (as much as you like!) by ordering multiple gigs, but it’s totally ok to stick with one. To check it out, and maybe throw your five bucks in the hat, click here!


At the end of October, I will cash out the money from this gig and send it to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Every single penny of it. I’ll keep you updated on the gig’s progress throughout the month, and I’ll even post a screenshot of the donation just so you know where your money went.

No, you won’t get a pink ribbon key chain if you donate… You actually won’t receive anything in return. Unless the satisfaction of doing a good thing counts, and I think it does.

There are other ways to help, too.

Do you know someone that is fighting cancer? Call her up and find out what she needs… Be someone she can vent to, go with her to chemo, make her dinner if she feels like eating, offer to babysit her kids when she’s feeling worn down…whatever will make her life a little easier, do that.

Donate a neat wig or a hat to your local cancer center.

Knit or crochet prayer shawls and send them to your hospital’s cancer floor.

Participate in a cancer walk near you.

This October, wear all of the pink you like…but perhaps also consider taking an extra step or two. Every little bit helps.

Here are some links I found helpful when trying to decide where my money should go:

Top Ten Best Practices of Savvy Donors

Should You Buy That Charity Affiliated Product? (Read this before you buy anything pink, please!)

Charity Navigator


Yesterday, as I was doing a final edit for this post I learned that someone in my community just lost a battle we all thought she had won. I was not close to her, but the news of her passing hit me pretty hard. It’s just not right to hear that kind of news about someone my age, and my heart broke for her family and all of her friends that no doubt loved her very deeply.  I plan to donate in her honor, and in the honor of all of the women I know who have fought cancer. Some of their stories have happier endings, but the fight was still brutal. Donate in the honor of someone you know and love, or just donate because you want to make a difference. No matter the reason, your contribution will be appreciated. Please share this post and the donation link if you are so inclined. Once again, here’s the link to my Fiverr donation gig.