Yesterday was my beautiful Mama’s birthday. She’s recently started drinking a glass of wine every night (purely for the health benefits…Wink, wink) and lately she’s been trying to branch out a little.

Since buying wine in the store can be kind of difficult (selecting the bottle with the prettiest label doesn’t always work out well), my SIL and I schemed up a plan to take mom to a local winery.

Coal Creek Winery is so pretty, and they make some really great wine. We had a (free!) tasting, and then we all had a glass of our favorite.

The owner was lovely, and she answered all of our questions and chatted with us like we were all old pals. She had food set out, cheeses and crackers, some chips and dips, and an assortment of little desserts.


After our tasting, we took our glasses out to the deck, where we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying our wine and each other’s company.




We got mom a couple of bottles to take home, then we said goodbye to our lovely host and promised we’d be back.

After dropping mom and SIL off, I met up with my aunt and we headed to Brownsburg for the video premier and CD release party for John Stevens Jr.’s new CD.


It was a really fun evening, and the video looks great! I haven’t had a chance to look for myself yet, but pay attention to the crowd scenes because you might see me! Of course,  I’m only five foot one, so there’s a good chance you might not be able to see me.

Hashtag, short people problems.

Either way, I had a blast doing it. I got to meet so many fun people, and he’s partnering with Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, so it was for a damn good cause.

Check the video out here, and please consider downloading “She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me”, either as a single or along with John’s new Brown’s Wonder Album. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent. You really can’t beat that!