After such a great week, I knew it would be hard to leave Los Angeles. Oh sure, I missed my boy and all of my family and friends, but I really didn’t understand why they couldn’t just pack up and come to California. I tried talking everyone into it, but they all declined. I’m guessing it’s because they just don’t know how great it is there.

My alarm went off around 5:45 am on that last morning, and it sounded more annoying than usual. I took one final shower, using the fancy little hotel soaps since my stuff was all packed up. After drying off, I put that super amazing robe on and refused to get dressed until the last possible second. Wearing it down to the lobby to check out crossed my mind, but I decided it would be best to part ways in my room so we could say goodbye in private.


It only seems dramatic if you've never worn this robe.***

That’s a headband on the bed, by the way. I know it looks like underwear but nope!


My driver arrived ten minutes early, just as I was checking out. He loaded my suitcase while I climbed into the back of his swanky SUV, saying goodbye to the valet guys one last time.

On the way to LAX we talked about the semester he spent in South Korea, and (as conversations with me usually go), we ended up on the topic of food. At some point he told me about some of the celebrities he’s met, including one of the guys from the Hangover movies and the show Community. Turns out, Community films next door to where The Doctors tapes, and he sees this guy whenever he has to pick someone up at the Paramount lot.


I told everyone before I left that I don’t watch enough tv to really know who some of these celebrities are, and that I could be sitting right next to one and not know it. I guess I might have been right, because I remember seeing a couple of vaguely familiar-looking people when I left the studio.


These fields get used for filming a lot of desert scenes, apparently.

Traffic wasn’t horrible that early in the morning,  so we got to the airport with plenty of time. I checked my bag (which was 47 pounds when I left Indiana, but was somehow 52 pounds when it got weighed at LAX…oops) and found my gate with ease. Since I had about an hour before my flight began boarding, I decided to wander around.


Duty free chocolate

I had a middle seat on my non-stop flight home, of course. It wasn’t horrible,  though. The guy at the window even leaned back so I could take a look at the west coast as we flew over.


Nothing exciting really happened on the flight. I did some reading, then had lunch, then read some more.


I eventually started having trouble keeping my eyes open, so I took a short nap…Which is a first, because I’ve never been able to sleep on a plane.

When I woke up, the flight attendant was offering drinks again. I ended up with a shot glass of coffee, but it didn’t help much.

We were pretty close to Indy by that point, so I packed up my book and pulled out the SkyMall.


It's the best part of flying, really.


I mean, look at this great stuff!

The BF was waiting for me at baggage claim, and he seemed pretty excited to see me. We stopped for a bite to eat and I was suddenly starving, so I ordered a BLT and fried pickles. And then I stuffed myself.

We stopped to pick up the boy at my mom and dad’s, and I gave everyone their presents. Mom and the boy got shirts, dad got a hat, and the BF got a sweet 11×14 Star Wars movie poster reprint.  

By the time we got home I was exhausted, so I put the boy to bed (I had really missed our bedtime routine) and then found myself doing the same thing.

I was glad to be home.

***If anyone from the Roosevelt is reading this, feel free to send me a robe. Consider it a late birthday gift…But does it come in a smaller size?