So as I said yesterday, I traveled from Indianapolis to LA with a short stop in Chicago. It was seriously the longest day ever. I woke up at 3:45am to make sure I’d have plenty of time to shower and get to the airport (we live about an hour from Indy).


It’s cool. I wasn’t going to sleep, anyway.

The BF dropped me off, and I tried to say goodbye to my sweet boy but he just laughed and threw Bear (his now constant companion) at me. SO MUCH FOR A TOUCHING MOMENT, KID.

Turns out, I didn’t really need to get to the airport quite so early…I didn’t experience a single line. I mean, not one. I ended up getting my laptop out at my gate to try and get a little work done. Turns out, no one I needed to talk to is at work that early…Especially the people in LA, since they’re three hours behind us.

My flight from Indy to Chicago was all of 40 minutes, on a little commuter plane. The layover was pretty uneventful, but I did have a little heart attack when I turned my phone back on and saw four missed calls from my mom and dad’s house. Surely there must have been some sort of emergency! I tried calling back but I just got a busy signal. Shit.

I found my gate, and I was about to call back when a call came in from my mom. When I answered, I got to listen to mom and my boy having a very in-depth conversation about blocks and what bear was doing. Turns out, my kid somehow figured out how to call my phone and had been doing it all morning. He called me a few more times before I was able to actually get through and talk to mom.

The flight from Chicago to LA was pretty uneventful. I read a book most of the time, while the guy next to me nodded off and came dangerously close to falling asleep on my shoulder. I might or might not have been slightly panicked over that, but luckily he woke up and moved.


Upon landing, I was met at baggage claim by my driver, a happy, funny Russian man named Felix. He grabbed my bag and escorted me to a sweet Lincoln MKX. I felt fancy.

I also felt smelly and gross from traveling all day. I was looking forward to having a quick shower at my hotel before meeting anyone…

Until Felix informed me that he was actually taking me to meet with a producer to shoot an interview.

OH yes. I suppose now would be a good time to let you all in on the secret, huh?

I am in LA to film an episode of the Emmy award-winning tv show The Doctors. After reading my article in XOJane, one of the associate producers emailed me inviting me to be on the show. I’m here in LA, I’ve already met with a producer and filmed and interview, and I still don’t believe it’s happening.


So there I was, being driven to an on-camera interview immediately after being awake for a stupid amount of time and traveling all day. I had zero makeup on, my hair had gone limp, I looked exhausted, and I felt smelly. Not awesome.

Once again, I didn’t need to worry. The producer called and explained that she thought we were meeting at a later time, so she would be there in about thirty minutes and would that be enough time for me to be camera-ready?

Well yeah. I can do makeup and hair in way less time than that!

By the time she got there I was ready, and her immediate response was, “You look great! You’re so pretty. I like your outfit!”

I liked her right away.

So we filmed my back story, then did a few shots just of me walking around and looking in the mirror. I guarantee I will look like a big ol’ douchenozzle when it airs, because I felt like one the whole time. It was really hard not to laugh while I was supposed to be looking thoughtful, or when I was supposed to just be looking around but I was sure I was going to fall down the stairs. I’m honestly a little worried to see that part.

After the shoot was over, we hung out and chatted while waiting for the driver to come get me. This time, I ended up with a younger guy that took me through the canyon to get to my hotel. I recognized the area from the movie Mulholland Drive, and it was really neat to see it in person. He pointed out a few things along the way, and we had a nice chat during the drive. He dropped me off at the Roosevelt and wished me luck.

Once in my room, I managed to get my clothes put away and make a few phone calls…Then I ordered room service, ate, and passed out. It was around 6pm CA time, so 9:00 Eastern time.


Maybe the best cheeseburger I’ve ever had.

I woke up only once before my alarm went off this morning…At 5:44 am when the light in the entryway suddenly turned itself on and then back off. It made a slight popping noise, and I thought the bulb had burnt out. I checked it this morning, and nope…works just fine.

They say my hotel is haunted…perhaps I was visited by the ghost of a long-dead Hollywood star?