You know how I proclaimed my love of all old people foods? And I said that I really, really love beets? Well I have a confession.

Until two nights ago, I had never actually fixed beets at home (with the exception of canned beets, which don’t count). How embarrassing.

So Saturday morning, MIL and I took O to the Farmer’s Market again and she decided to buy some beets. When I mentioned that I happen to love them, she picked out more and said we’d split them. Ok by me!

We stopped for lunch at a festival that was going on downtown.


From top left: Shrimp spring roll, crab rangoon, Mexican corn cakes, and lamb curry

It was delicious… Had the weather been nicer (like, not a million degrees), I would have stuffed myself with more of that curry. O had (and liked!) a little bit of everything. MIL decided to treat him to a donut once we finished, and the kid ate all of that, too.



I didn’t have a chance to get to the beets until Monday. After consulting Pinterest and Google, I decided to just roast them with a little salt and rosemary, then add a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

These were so good, and really simple! O loves beets, so he at a ton of them (which has made for fun diapers…). I served them with garlic and herb pork chops and mashed potatoes.

Roasted Beets

As many beets as you like…I probably had about a pound.

Olive oil

Sea salt

Dried rosemary

Balsamic vinegar

Preheat your oven to 400°. Lay a sheet of foil (big enough to fold over and seal) on a cookie sheet.

Scrub your beets, then cut the ends off, dry, and place on the foil. When all of your beets are cleaned, Drizzle olive oil over them, then add a little salt and rosemary. Fold foil over, crimp to seal, then roast until fork tender…about 60 minutes.

When the beets have cooled, peel and quarter them ( you may want to wear gloves for this part), then place them into your serving container and drizzle a little balsamic vinegar over them. You can serve them immediately,  or you could chill them in the fridge first. Either way, they’re super tasty!