It’s no secret that I love snacky foods… Some nights, I find myself eating a really tiny dinner so I can eat some Naan with hummus, or popcorn, or some sort of snack after O is in bed. I try to stick to the healthiest stuff I can (let’s not talk about the blueberry pie and ice cream I ate after dinner last night…Or the cupcake I ate before bed), so when I had an opportunity to try Graze I jumped all over it.

I got a certificate for a free Graze box when I ordered our Journey tickets and I signed up on my phone right away. On the website, you can browse the list of snacks that are available and let them know if you have an allergy, or mark foods you won’t like. You can also mark snacks that sound good, increasing the likelihood that you’ll end up with those items.

I don’t have an allergy, and I didn’t see anything that seemed super gross, so I left mine up to chance. This is what my box looked like:


The portions are pretty small, so you might want to order two boxes if you’re sharing. I got two salty snacks and two sweet ones…I’m not sure if this is generally how it’s done. Here are some close-ups of my snacks, in the order I tried them:


Garden of England: Apples, blackcurrants, and mini strawberries


Tomato and Basil Pizza: Basil crunchini, cheese cashews, mini tomato breadsticks


Key Lime Pie: Lime raisins, mini merengues, sponge pieces, green raisins


Lightly toasted pistachios

My favorite part of this box was Garden of England. Those mini strawberries were amazing. I wish I had saved it for the end, and I was super sad when it was gone. Key Lime Pie was a little disappointing since they had to go and stick raisins in there. Yuck. Still, it was pretty good, even with the rabbit turds raisins.

The Tomato Basil Pizza was yummy, and I was actually glad for the small portion… If I had a whole bag it would’ve been gone in one sitting. I also loved the pistachios because, duh. Pistachios are awesome.

I really love this idea… I think you’re supposed to eat just a little at a time, and not the whole box at once (like, ahem, I did). They will deliver your boxes to your place of work, so if you’re chained to an office desk five days a week this might be a little ray of sunshine.

Here’s another happy little ray of sunshine:

I have a discount code for you! Just pop this handy little code in at checkout and you get your first and fifth boxes for free. Hooray!


Go to and use 3Y3VDWM3B when it asks for a friendcode.*** If you order a box, let me know what you think!

***The lovely people at Graze don’t know me, and this is not a paid review. I DO get a discount on future Graze boxes for every friend that signs up. Mostly I just thought it was a super neat and tasty idea and I wanted to share it with y’all!