Well it never fails. Whenever a holiday comes up, I get an email from someone wanting to hire me to write for them. Yesterday, I got an email from a new client, asking me to write a funny article about something business related. It’s due in three days, so I got to work right away…

Sort of.

I think most creative people will tell you that it can be really difficult to perform on command. There is nothing less funny than someone that is actively trying to be funny, in my opinion.

I drove to my mom and dad’s this morning so I would have a little extra help with O while I wrote. Three hours later, here I am with about fifty tabs open in two Chrome browsers, and two Word documents going…armed with pot of coffee number two (ok, The BF drank part of the first one) and 230 words. I need 500. And not just 500 words, 500 funny words. The last sentence of the client’s email was, ” Looking forward to laughing.”

It’s gone about like this:

Was that funny? Maybe that isn’t all that funny…I think I’ll take that out. Wait, maybe that WAS funny, but I need to put it here…Oh hell, I don’t remember how I phrased that. Did I quote that right? Probably ought to check my source…Oh, I clicked the wrong tab so…Hey, a Facebook notification. Why not lose five minutes goofing off on Facebook? It will be good for the creative process. But only 5 minutes.

-15 minutes later-

Shit, I really got a little off track there. Ok, where was I? Oh, I’m out of coffee. Better get a refill… Aw, O is doing something really cute with Grandma. No, I need to get back to work. After I pee first, because hello coffee.

-At this point, I come back and sit down to just stare at my screen for a bit.-

I hate this. I don’t think this is “look forward to laughing” funny. I need to start over.



I’m going to check my blog stats. GOOD LORD,  Fred’s birthday post got a lot of views. I guess tumors are interesting? I wish that’s what I was supposed to be writing about…It would be a lot easier. You know what? I think I’ll start a post. Maybe that’ll get the creative juices flowing.



Happy Independence Day, everyone!