Since the summer of 2002, I have seen Dave Matthews Band in concert at least once (and one year four times), with only two exceptions: when I lived in Texas and the summer I was pregnant.

Last year The BF went with me. This year, he suggested that I go and he would stay with O. He’s not a Dave fan, so I called up my SIL (HUGE fan) and made plans to go.


Last year at Dave...with bunny ears.

The week before the show, I realized I didn’t really have anything to wear. Even a pair of shorts I got last summer are now really baggy and silly looking. I went to every clothing store in town and couldn’t find anything that I liked. I had almost given up when I remembered another store… I found this skirt in their little girls section. Hooray!


The awesome thing about being a small person, kid's clothing is way cheap!

It was so hot on Saturday that we both started sweating just standing in line. We were too excited to care that it felt like our faces were melting off.

Once we got into the venue, SIL bought a beer and we got in line for a shirt. I buy one every year, and someday I’d like to make a quilt out of them. While in line, some chick was rather loudly complaining about feeling sick…we kept our distance, and she eventually left to puke around the side of the building. Disaster averted, no thanks to the total douche nozzle she was with who kept telling her to, “Wait a minute!”


From there, we headed to the lawn to find our spot. We made friends to a couple that ended up next to us, and I had to ask a really drunk muscle head to please stop touching me.


The muscle head and his buddies wandered away eventually, thank God. While we waited for the show to start, I worked on leading my friend to our spot.


Hey, thanks random tall guy!

I was complaining that I needed a better landmark when a voice behind me said, “Tell her to look for a really, really tall guy in a green shirt.” I turned around to see the tallest guy I have ever seen in preson. Wait, no…Greg Oden is the tallest person I’ve ever met, so this guy comes in second. Anyway, this guy is tall.

She didn’t find us, so we decided to look for her after the first set. At one point during the break, my SIL and I were walking up the hill yelling her name.





We never managed to find each other, but we did end up finding a really good spot for the rest of the show.

We had an amazing time… And I was pretty happy with the set list. I almost wish I had taken a few more pictures,  like the lost puppy dog guy that came by himself and then latched onto us for the second half of the evening…Or the guy that came out of nowhere and kind of rubbed his butt on SIL…Or of SIL running up to the guy in the cow suit and yelling, “MOOOOO!” I just feel like you can’t really enjoy the experience if you’re taking pics every five seconds, so my phone went into my bag for most of the night. Oh, sure, I checked it frequently for messages from The BF, but it wasn’t in my hand all night. Instead, we danced, we sang, we made new friends, and we had a Hell of a good time.


We stopped at White Castle on the way home… They were getting ready to close, so the employees offered up a bunch of free sliders. It was pretty great at the time, maybe not so much the next morning.


After I dropped SIL off, I made it home around 2:00. I was so tired and sore that, even though I felt sticky and smelly and just generally gross, I just changed into pjs and crawled into bed. The shower I took the next morning was super awesome. 

I’m so glad everything worked out… SIL and I had a great time, and The BF got to spend an evening of guy time with O. He took him swimming, and for ice cream, and they apparently had the BEST TIME EVER. O was so worn out that he slept until 8:00 Sunday morning. Bonus!

It was a good way to spend the longest day of the year… And I’m already counting the days until next year.