The BF’S mom and I took O and his cousin to town this morning.


Shoe shopping for a toddler is super fun

After our errands were done, we stopped for lunch. Going anywhere with The BF’s mom is like traveling with a celebrity, because she knows everyone. At lunch, we saw her parents and sister…Aunt J picked O up to say hi and exclaimed, “What do you feed this kid?!”

I get that question a lot…I mean, he’s a tank of a child. Also? He has huge feet.

Anyway, feeding a toddler can be…frustrating.  They’re fickle little creatures,  so one day your sweet child will devour his steamed broccoli.  The next day? Nope.
O is (obviously) typically a good eater, and he’s game to try just about anything you put in front of him (he gobbled up my fried okra at a restaurant once. I was both proud and sad, because I really wanted to eat my okra). I’ve found (through lots of trial and error) a handful of foods that are toddler approved and pretty simple. I wouldn’t be a very good blogger if I didn’t share them with my readers, so here you are, a list of a few of the things I feed my chid…though sometimes I feel like the answer to that question is, “Whatever isn’t nailed down.”

Refrigerator Oatmeal

Breakfast cookies (Use any kind of dried fruit and nut that you like…These go over really well. I like to warm them in the toaster)

Pancakes and fresh fruit (I like to make a full batch of pancakes and freeze the leftovers. You can pop them in the toaster to warm ’em up)

Egg muffins (same deal, make a bunch at once and freeze them.)

Leftovers from last night’s dinner (easiest thing on the planet, just warm it up and it’s ready)

Peanut butter on toast, cottage cheese, fresh fruit

Mac and cheese with veggies (I start this one while he’s napping so it will be ready and cooled), fruit and yogurt

Brown rice with chicken/turkey/ham and veggies (really easy if you make the rice ahead and freeze it. Then just heat it up and add deli meat and steamed veggies) apple sauce

Chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries, apple slices or grapes

Snack tray

Snack time

Snack tray (fill the spots in an ice cube tray with whatever you have on hand. O loves this)



Raisins or yogurt covered raisins (Fun fact: they go through some sort of time machine while being digested, and they come out looking like grapes again!)

Peanuts or cashews

Pretzels or crackers

Peanut butter and graham crackers/pretzels

Veggies and dip

This stuff:

My kid crams these things into his face by the fistful and I’m ok with it. For one thing, the yogurts help keep things going, so if he hasn’t pooped all day I hand him an open bag and let him go for it. The puffs are just really good, especially the peach flavor. Sweet potato is a close second (tied with banana) and blueberry comes in dead last. I love blueberries, but those puffs are nasty. Plus, the smell will knock you over. You open the can and it’s all, BLUEBERRY up in your face.

He drinks whole milk with every meal and snack, and water in between.

I also like to have canned soup on hand for when I find my lunch options limited. It happens occasionally, and sometimes I just don’t want to go to the store. The boy really loves split pea and ham.

For dinner, he eats whatever we’re having. I have no desire to fix two seperate meals so why even get that started?

What are your favorite toddler foods?