Remember that super delicious herb marinated pork loin? Part of what I love about it is that you get lots of leftovers.  You could easily freeze some of it, or you can use the meat the next night. I like to use it all up, so Saturday I made some awesome barbecue sliders for a quick and easy dinner.

You can use any rolls or slider buns you like, but I had Hawaiian rolls leftover, so that’s what I used. I highly recommend using them for sandwiches…delish!

Pulled pork barbecue sliders

Hawaiian rolls

Leftover pork loin, pulled

Barbecue sauce

Cheese slices

Onions, pickles, banana peppers, etc…


Start by preheating your oven to 375° and lining a baking dish with foil. Make sure you have enough excess to fold over and seal so things get steamy.

Slice the Hawaiian rolls in half, then arrange the bottoms in the baking dish. Mix pulled pork and barbecue sauce (I used a combo of Sweet Baby Ray’s and Country Bob’s), then spoon the meat onto the rolls halves. Top with sliced cheese and whatever your heart desires (banana peppers FTW), pop the top halves on, and cover. Make sure to crimp the foil to seal it.

Bake until cheese is melty and everything is heated through… About 30 minutes, but possibly longer if you put a ton of meat on them like I did.

I served mine with a quick and easy pasta salad and chips. Because, lazy.