My Mother’s Day actually started on Saturday night. The BF has never been good at waiting to give presents and Mother’s Day was no exception.  He just gets so excited that I think he really might explode if he has to wait. So Saturday night, I got a bundt cake pan, a knitting book, some yarn, and a new coffee mug.

I was over the moon excited about all of my gifts, and I spent all day Sunday playing with my new toys.


I'm pretty sure coffee tastes better when you're drinking out of your new Mother's Day mug.


Brown sugar toffee cake with caramel sauce

After O had breakfast, The BF took him on a ranger ride around the property while I baked this (insanely delicious) cake. When they got back, they presented me with freshly picked wild flowers.


Learning to knit!


After dropping off my flowers, the boys zoomed off again so I could have some more peaceful quiet time. The cake was in the oven and I had the kitchen cleaned up, so I grabbed some scrap yarn and started to practice knitting.

I spent the rest of the morning sipping coffee and knitting, pausing once to put the boy down for his nap when they got back. I love that The BF so sweetly made sure that I got to have a little quiet time.

The BF was in and out for the rest of the day because he had a few things he wanted to get done before the work week started. One of which was washing my car because he’s awesome.

My brother, SIL, and niece stopped by for a visit and surprised me with flowers and a balloon. I was sad that I didn’t have anything to give my SIL, so I cut a big chunk of cake for them to take home.


My parents stopped by on their way to visit my Mamaw. O gave mom her card and I made them eat a piece of cake before cutting another big hunk for them to give to my Mamaw and Aunt.


Where did my cake go?!

The BF came home and showered, then played with the boy so I could take a super long, hot shower. I even shaved my legs!

We piled into the van and headed to dinner at Rancho Bravo, where I stuffed myself with chimichangas, fresh salsa, fresh guacamole, and a homemade hot sauce that is just out of this world. It’s also SUPER spicy, so I recommend it for anyone suffering from a stuffy nose.

We had the sweetest waitress…She complimented my perfume and didn’t bat an eye when the boy tried to share his food with her. As we were getting ready to leave, she brought me a rose and wished me a happy Mother’s Day.

We ended our day with a nice drive out in the country. O babbled and sang in the back until he finally gave up and went to sleep, while The BF and I chatted about all kinds of things.



I’m thinking that Mother’s Day might just officially be my favorite holiday. I’m also thinking I have some major planning to do so I can make sure The BF has a kick ass Father’s Day.


My kitchen window is full of Mother's Day flowers.

Here’s hoping that everyone I know had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I know I’ve only had two so far but I declare this one to be the best ever!

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?