So good news, y’all! The sinus spray worked some serious magic. I woke up Saturday morning feeling way more human than I had in days.

I visited my amazing hair woman, Tiffany, and had my hair done. She was kind enough to fit my mom in for a trim, too, even though she was hosting her daughter’s birthday party later that afternoon. I love that gal.


It’s kind of hard to tell exactly what it looked like, but it was super cute! Please ignore my smudged up mirror…O likes to get his fingers all over the glass when he’s up there brushing his teeth.

My niece’s first birthday was super fun. My brother and SIL did a great job with the food and favors, and I think everyone had a great time.


She really loved the butterflies.

Besides making the cake, I crocheted an owl and an elephant, and we got her a super cute blue dress that was decorated with strawberries. The BF picked the dress, because he’s awesome like that.


After the party, O went home with my parents so The BF and I could go party it up at our 15 year class reunion.


We had a really great time catching up with our old classmates. I was a little annoyed that we didn’t get to have dinner, but after waiting 45 minutes (and I’m not exaggerating) for an appetizer we just decided to wait and hit Taco Bell on the way home.

Side note: I understand that things happen, orders get lost, whatever… but we waited that long to get our food and barely got an apology,  then paid full price for it? Just one reason that we never eat at this particular establishment.

…I just realized that we totally forgot about our plan to get Taco Bell on the way home. Lame.

Anyway, while we were waiting for our food, the waitress asked if we got to see the raccoons fall out of the ceiling. I thought I was just so delirious from hunger that I was hearing things, but everyone else was eyeing her with the same WTF?! look on their faces. Apparently, about an hour before we got there, a ceiling tile moved and a raccoon fell out of the ceiling and onto a couple’s table.

I miss all of the good stuff.

We left around 11:30 and retrieved our boy, who was sound asleep after helping Grandpa look for golf balls all afternoon. He must have really been worn out, because he slept until 9:30 Sunday morning.

Not that I’m complaining.


Yesterday the boy spent some time playing in the back yard with dad. We capped off our weekend with a family trip to Wal-Mart, dinner at Super China Buffet, and a scary movie (after O went to bed, of course).

After spending most of last week feeling like someone was punching me in the face repeatedly, I was incredibly relieved and excited that the weekend went so well.

And don’t worry, Phlegm watch 2014 isn’t necessarily over. Tonight I have a date with a neti pot. That ought to be an interesting experience.