I am in the middle of an allergy attack like no other I’ve ever experienced. Since Sunday afternoon I have been miserable. I’ve tried three different OTC medications.



So far, nothing has worked. Of all weeks to get knocked on my ass by allergies…I have too much stuff to do this week and now I have a very teeny amount of time.


Also, it’s really hard to be creative when your sinus cavities are about to explode and the occasional cough sounds more like a death rattle.

Lucky for me, the BF has been kind enough to show up with whatever medication I decide is going to be the Magic Pill. O has been really sweet, too…but he really, really wants to get his hands on the bag of Dollar Tree napkins I’ve been using as tissues.

Oh, I could have picked up tissues at the store yesterday, but I was convinced I’d be feeling way better by today and wouldn’t need them.