Sometimes I think the most dangerous sentence one can say while scrolling through Pinterest is, “I have everything I need to make that!” Since I try really hard to keep my pantry well-stocked, I say it pretty frequently.

Such was the case a couple of days ago, when I saw this recipe for French Onion pork chops. I had planned on having pork chops for dinner, but I wanted to do something different with them.

While I continued to scroll, an email notification popped up. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Food52, but it’s quickly becoming my favorite website. I actually don’t regret subscribing to their email list because they always send me stuff that I want to try. Like, for example, this recipe for yogurt bread with molasses.

I ended up making both for dinner that evening.


I used one of my cast iron skillets for the chops so I didn’t have to wash another dish. They turned out to be super moist, but very salty. I added some water at the end but the saltiness was still there. I got no complaints from the BF, though, so I will probably try this again without the soup mix.


The bread was wonderful. There was definitely a molasses flavor, but it was pleasant, not OMGMOLASSES! I sprinkled a little cornmeal in the bottom of the skillet after the butter melted, just to make sure the bread wouldn’t stick. Next time I think I’ll throw in some oats and maybe a few other grains…Dried fruit might be good, too.

O and I have been enjoying this bread with everything. He had some with yogurt and blueberries for breakfast this morning while I toasted and buttered a slice for myself. It makes really good sopping bread, so it would go well with a saucy dinner or a soupy lunch.

I know I say this about every loaf of bread I make, but I also think it would make good French toast.

What I’m saying is, you need to make this bread.

Actually, you need to make this bread and invite me over…Because my loaf is almost gone.