I’m not very girly. I rarely wear makeup, I don’t do my nails, and “doing my hair” involves washing it and scrunching some mousse in. Lucky for me, I was blessed with the kind of hair that can just air dry into bouncy curls. If I had to drag a hair dryer and straightener out every day I’d probably just shave my head and be done with it because, seriously, who has time for that?

Not this girl.

Sometimes, though…Sometimes I do have time, or rather, I make the time. This usually happens when the BF and I make plans for an evening. For our anniversary I actually did drag out my hair dryer and curling iron…And I had to brush the dust off before I used ’em.

Saturday we planned to go to a friend’s birthday party. I wanted to do more than just scrunch up my hair, but I did NOT want to stand under that hot curling iron again… Am I the only one that gets sweaty when heat styling my hair? Yeah, probably.

So I was putting O down for his nap when I saw a piece of pool noodle on the floor. I bought one at the Dollar Tree a while ago to keep my tall boots standing up. After I cut it to fit my boots, I had some left over.

Why couldn’t I make foam rollers out of that noodle?


1&2 Just your standard pool noodle. 3. Cut lengthwise. 4. Then cut into rollers.

I washed my hair (yes, with my NEW FANCY SHAMPOO and it was glorious), added a touch of mousse, let it air dry for a bit, and rolled it up.


Having my hair in rollers makes me reminisce about show choir... Mem'rieeeees....

I also did my makeup again. Twice in one week? Unheard of.

So after basically hanging out with the rollers in my hair for half of the day, I took them out and ran a little more mousse through my hair. I even got a little cray (Is this still a thing? Do we still say this?) and added a shot of hairspray.


Ah, the car selfie...

Oddly enough, my hair was pretty much the same as usual. Maybe a little bigger and a smidge bouncier.

But! I successfully executed a complete DIY, upcycle, repurpose project and it worked. Take THAT, Pinterest!