Until last week, I had never experienced the joy that is carbonara. How I managed to go this long, I have no idea… I’ve seen it on restaurant menus and I’ve drooled over the recipe in more than one cookbook.

I think it really just came down to one thing: I was afraid of the eggs.

I know that sounds silly, but I was always worried that the eggs wouldn’t cook enough and I’d end up killing someone. Rather than risk food – borne illness, I just preferred to skip over the recipe when planning dinner.

So lame.

One night last week, I felt a little braver than normal. I was looking through bookmarks when a recipe for pasta carbonara popped up. I read through it a handful of times and assembled the ingredients. It was time I stopped fearing the egg.

The recipe can be found on The Pioneer Woman’s site. I made only one tiny change… I subbed chicken stock for the wine. Something told me Moscato wasn’t what they had in mind when they said to add white wine.

Holy moly, am I ever glad I finally tried this. I already have plans to make it again, and next time I will pair it with some kind of chicken. According to the BF, half of a pound of bacon just isn’t enough meat.

I ended up reserving a little bacon for the boy… He had some whole wheat spaghetti with bacon, parsley, and Parmesan but no sauce… Just in case.

Maybe I’m not totally over my fear of eggs…


Do you have a (maybe slightly irrational) food fear?