I can’t believe it’s been four years. Holy crap, where has the time gone? Since starting this blog I met the BF, had a kid, left corporate America to do the SAHM thing…

I actually had no idea this was my blog’s birthday until I got the notification this morning. Were I a good little blogger, I’d mark the occasion with a giveaway or something. Sorry guys.

I think to celebrate this glorious occasion I will instead gift you all with links to some of my favorite posts.

Business Plan

The Jesus Pooper

Lofty Goals

Mom vs. Mom

The Time Fred Became Famous on Twitter (duh)

Ok, so there’s my poorly – planned happy birthday to my blog celebration. Truth be told, this was kind of a life saver today because I’m frantically working on another project (that I started way too late, of course) and had no idea what to write about. Hooray!

Thanks for reading!