I like to think I’m a pretty responsible person. I don’t let my car run out of gas, my house is clean, I meet deadlines… So it’s a little embarrassing to admit that I’m really, really good at losing things.

At least once a day I lose my coffee cup. After I’ve checked every room in the house I usually remember that I warmed it up an hour ago and haven’t seen it since. Sure enough, the microwave display is flashing END and my coffee is once again ice cold. The fun continues when I decide to re-warm it and forget about it again. Lather, rinse, repeat…Until eventually I just drink it cold and move on.

We have roughly twelve sets of nail clippers. At any given time, I know where exactly none of them are. I keep buying them because…well, because I keep losing them. Somewhere in my house I’ll bet every single pair of nail clippers we own are just hanging out together in a basket or a drawer. Wait, not true…I know for a fact that the baby clippers are on the footstool in the boy’s room. HA! At least I know where ONE pair is located.

What I’m trying to say, is that I spend an awful lot of time wandering about my house looking for something “I just had in my hand a second ago…” and muttering to myself.

On Christmas Eve, I lost an envelope that contained pictures that I had intended to give as Christmas gifts and a CD of over two hundred pictures of the boy. I felt sick most of the day while I ran errands (Christmas Eve is a hell of a day to run out of toilet paper) and was almost in tears by the time I got home and told The BF. I was sad to have lost the pictures, but I knew they were backed up. What really got to me was the idea that some random stranger might have found them. What if some sicko was pawing at the pictures of my sweet boy?! I worked myself into quite a state, but lucky for me my wonderful BF managed to find everything scattered about the field across the road. Apparently I had put the envelope on top of my car and then forgotten about it. Oops.

You would think I’d learn my lesson, but just a couple of days ago I was looking for one of my rings when I remembered sticking it in the pocket of my jeans to pump gas. I located the jeans in the hamper but (big shocker!) the ring was nowhere to be found. In retrospect, it wasn’t a stellar idea to shove a diamond ring into the really shallow pocket of my skinny jeans… Some days, I just wonder where my mind is.

So there I was, digging through the hamper and cursing myself for not losing a cheaper ring. By the time I got to the bottom, I had discovered $.46, a couple of legos, the BF’s Carmex, and a few of O’s puffs (thankfully, not soggy) among the dirty clothes but no ring. I guessed that it had worked it’s way out of my pocket while I walked or sat in the car. Either way, it was probably gone and I had no one to be mad at but myself.

Later that evening, I was putting some clean clothes away when I stepped on something small that hurt like hell. When I lifted my bare foot, I found my ring stuck to the bottom. It seemed fitting that I’d only discover it by hurting myself.

What is something you frequently lose? Please tell me I’m not the only one.


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