The week of Thanksgiving was insanely busy, with three dinners, a funeral, and a day of tree decorating. I just didn’t have much time at home that didn’t involve sleeping.

Sunday, I took a look around my bedroom and thought, “Huh. I was sure we had a floor in here…” There were two baskets of clean, folded clothes sitting in front of the closet (hey, I tried) and an overflowing hamper spilling its contents onto the floor.

My parents had dropped off a dresser that had belonged to my Grandma, and I had moved it to its intended spot…but then I got distracted and forgot to put the drawers in. Those were leaning against the dresser, just waiting to be put in their proper places.

The BF’s mom stopped by, and with her help I had the dresser done and the our room was back to looking less like a college dorm and more like a couple of grown ups live there.

In other words, if you drop by my house I might put you to work.

I was pretty happy to have the help (doing that kind of thing with destructo-baby running around is really frustrating), and I was able to share a couple of my favorite tips with her.

Of course I’m sharing them with you, too:

– To cut down on static cling, wad up a ball of aluminum foil and toss it in your dryer. That’s it! Do laundry as usual, and don’t forget fabric softener.

– Add a pinch of table salt to your wash loads…It helps keep colors crisp and bright. I actually add it to every load I do. Again, do laundry as you normally would.

– Once a month or so, refresh your towels with baking soda and vinegar. It really does make a huge difference.

– Buy pool noodles at the Dollar Tree, or when you see them on sale. Cut them to the height of your tall boots, then stick ’em in there to keep them standing tall.


-Instead of stacking stuff in your drawers the regular (and messy) way, try filing your t-shirts instead. I swear, since I started doing this with The BF’s t-shirts I feel a lot less like strangling him. Plus, you can cram way more stuff in there!


My tank tops


My comfy pants and t-shirts