I love my readers. I mean, seriously.

I haven’t posted much because I was so busy pulling my hair out planning the boy’s big first birthday. I’ve also been horrible about checking my blog’s email account. I just checked it and there were a handful of emails just asking if I made it through the storms ok.

That warms my heart, y’all.

Luckily, we live in an area that didn’t see the worst of what Sunday’s storms had to offer. Oh, sure, we had some minor damage… but the house is still standing.





It did get a bit scary for a minute. I already had the diaper bag next to the basement door, along with our jackets and a blanket…And I made sure to put jeans and tennis shoes on.

…Look, I don’t think I want to be interviewed by channel 6 news wearing my snowflake pajama pants…

Anyway, I was prepared.

The BF and I spent most of the time watching the storm while O played with his new toys in the living room. At one point it was pouring buckets in the back yard, but dry as a bone in the front yard. I was about to comment on how strange it was when The BF calmly walked by me, scooped up the boy, and went to the basement. I looked out the back door and immediately saw why. The rain and hail was coming down sideways, making it impossible to see. I could hear stuff bouncing off of the house and thought the basement might be a good place to be.

We were only down there for ten minutes before I felt the need to investigate and found blue skies and pretty minimal damage outside. We were incredibly lucky, because the same storm produced a tornado about 20 miles east of us.

I’ve written before about a previous tornado experience that quite literally blew the BF’s old house away… So we’re no strangers to what a tornado can do. My heart goes out to the people hardest hit by Sunday’s strange weather.

So to answer the emails I got… No, I am not posting from Oz. We made it through safe and sound.

Thanks for thinking of me, guys.