So today is Halloween… except it isn’t, really. See, here in good ol’ central Indiana Halloween has actually been moved to tomorrow due to some rather nasty thunderstorms that are expected to wreak havoc on us.

Because we have weather that makes sense.

I’m not terribly upset because now I have an extra day to put the final touches on the boy’s costume. I have a feeling that I’ll be doing it right before we leave the house tomorrow, if not in the car. We don’t even have a Halloween plan, to tell the truth. This does not bode well for future Halloweens…

We’re spending today watching the Halloween marathon on AMC, because nothing says family fun like Jamie Lee Curtis screaming her head off.

Hey, I’ll take it as long as she doesn’t start asking about my pooping habits.


Speaking of…


Ol’ Jamie Lee would love my kid. All he does is poop.


I’m both excited and terrified to get that costume on him… it’s going to be SO cute but he tends to enjoy destroying…everything. If that costume isn’t in pieces within five minutes of getting the whole thing on him I’ll be ecstatic.

While you’re in the Halloween spirit, check out the trailer for my pal’s thriller… that’s right, I’m so cool that I have a friend that’s making a movie. Anyway, it’s called Still and it looks awesome.*

OH! And check out Confessions of a Mommyholic for a good post about the scary parts of motherhood… featuring a quote from yours truly!

Are you celebrating Halloween today? What are your plans? Are you also perplexed by Halloween III: Season of the Witch?

*Disclaimer: My buddy did not ask me to shamelessly plug his movie, I just did it because I think he deserves to get the chance to see this thing through.