Today I was going to write about money-saving tips that I’ve discovered…Or I considered talking about a couple of (super awesome) opportunities that have come my way recently… But then I noticed today’s date.

Today, October 28th, is the two year anniversary of my dad’s quintuple bypass.

Quintuple = FIVE

So yeah, it was pretty major.

Don’t worry, I will get to the tips and you’ll definitely hear about the opportunities because, hooray!

Today, though, I want to just say that I am grateful. So, so grateful.

For the anesthesiologist that caught the weird rhythm during my dad’s back surgery.

For the cardiologist that ran tests.

For the heart surgeon, Dr. Stone with IU Health.

For his nurse, Jamie, who updated my mom and I on my dad’s condition every single hour during the surgery.

For the nurses that cared for him (and my mom and I).

For the wonderful people at the rehab facility.


I’m mostly thankful, though, that I still have my dad and that my boy gets to know his grandpa.

Happy anniversary, Dad… I know it wasn’t easy to go through, but you did it and I am so proud of you!