Marcy of Live Life Successfully (go check her out!) has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you, Marcy!

There are a lot of exclamation points up there. Sheesh.

Ok, so here’s how the Versatile Blogger Award works:

1. Display the award certificate. (Check!)

2. Announce your award with a post. Thank the blogger who nominated you. (Double Check!)

3. Nominate 15 bloggers. (Check, check, check, check…uh, you get the idea.)

4. Link to your nominees and let them know they’ve been nominated.

5. Include 7 interesting things about yourself in the post.

The blogs I would like to nominate are as follows:

1.  A Mix of 6

2.  Adventures of Sweet Monday

3.  A Mama With Flavor

4.  Mama’s High Strung

5.  Mustard Seed Mommy

6.  Forever Fitting In

7.  Hello Stripes

8.  Lady Blogger

9.  Life – Where’s the Handbook?

10. Me and My Mini Me

11. My Thoughts – Uninterrupted

12. The Debt Princess

13. Charming Little Bee

14. All She Cooks

15. Rosel’s Mom Diary

Interesting things about me!

1. I just had a three pound tumor removed from my uterus…Six months after having a baby removed from my uterus. I said uterus a lot. Uterus.

2. I still (yes, still) have two baby teeth.

3. I was a first soprano in high school. Prrrrrrrroooooobably not so much now. I haven’t tried to hit notes like that in a very long time and I don’t think I will be attempting to any time soon. You’re welcome.

4. I have a beautiful Alvarez acoustic guitar that my parents got me one year for Christmas. I took lessons from a guy that had an alcohol problem (I had to move beer bottles off of his coffee table for my Saturday morning lessons) and I vaguely remember a few songs but I probably can’t play anything all the way through anymore. I also have a pink electric bass that I bought off a friend when I was drunk. I have no idea how to play the bass.

5. As a little girl, I played with He-Man figures and my trusty Tonka dump truck in favor of Barbie dolls. Oh sure, I had Barbies…But lots of them ended up with buzz cuts or without heads.

6. Farts are, and always will be, hilarious. O let a loud one loose the other night (I heard it over the monitor) and I was trying to be quiet but I laughed so hard that the bed shook and woke the BF up. I actually had to get up and go to the bathroom because I was in danger of peeing in the bed…Navigating the stairs while snorting and trying to keep my legs crossed was a little difficult.

7. I have been told I look like: Catherine Zeta Jones (Hooray!), Rachael Ray (Eh…), Kelly Clarkson (Eh…), Mila Kunis (Hooray!), Zooey Deschanel (I don’t even see that one), and a handful of other celebrities. I’m not sure I believe any of them, but whatevs.

Thanks again to the lovely Marcy of Live Life Successfully for the nomination!

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