7:00 am: Wake up, look at monitor and see O standing in his crib waving at the camera and saying, “Maamaamaa”. I’ve never been a morning person, and even though 7:00am (or earlier) is now my standard wake-up time, I still wake up all fuzzy-headed. The temptation to pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep is strong. Still,  I go in and get him… and of course he gives me a huge smile and starts clapping when I walk in the room so I suddenly don’t mind being up.

7:05 am: First diaper change of the day. Looks like the prunes O ate the day before did their job. Sheeeeeeeewie! Toss diaper in the trash, make a pot of coffee, and run some dish water. I turn on the news and let O run wild around the living room for a while like a tiny but destructive tornado. Say “No” approximately one hundred million times. Get into a handfull of tickle fights… Surprise! I win! BF comes down for a cup of coffee and heads off to work.

7:30 am: Time for breakfast! Apples, bananas, and oatmeal for O, a cup of coffee for mama. BF stops back in for another cup of coffee before heading off to start his day. O and I play with flash cards while he’s chowing down.

8:10 am: A morning bath has become necessary after O decided to smear his breakfast on the high chair tray and rub his face in it. He also decided that apples, bananas and oatmeal would make a fantastic hair treatment, so he rubbed it all over his head. I let him make more of a mess in the high chair while I run bath water. He’s got so much breakfast in his hair that I actually have to lather, rinse, and repeat. He really enjoys bath time so I let him splash a play for a few minutes while we (I) sing the alphabet song. image 8:30 am: O is enjoying the after-bath nakedness immensely, so I let him hang out in the buff…but after a while I feel like I’m playing with fire, so on with a diaper and onesie. Surprisingly, he doesn’t fuss much. I decide to tempt fate and put him in the bouncy seat while I do some dishes and tidy up the kitchen… He doesn’t seem to mind, so I get some laundry sorted and throw a load in while he’s playing. We (I) sing songs while I work so he doesn’t feel like I’m ignoring him.

9:45 am: O is showing signs of being hungry and sleepy, so I make a bottle and get him settled. I only hold him to give him a bottle now at bedtime…any other time he will take care of that himself, thankyouverymuch. Take this opportunity to pee since I haven’t done that yet this morning. When he’s done eating, he seems to need some help falling asleep. I cave and bounce him for a few minutes while I stand in the living room and watch the last of the news.

10:20 am: O is sound asleep. Put laundry in the dryer and throw another load in the washer. Clean up bathroom and laundry room (nothing major, just wipe down sinks, toilet, bathtub and shower). Put high chair tray in hot, soapy water to soak. Head upstairs to tidy up the bedrooms. 12:00 pm: I’m starving, and O is STILL sleeping (he’s teething, so sometimes his naps are a little longer), so I decide to make myself some lunch. I get distracted by the high chair tray I forgot about so I go ahead and scrub that clean. I pull the laundry out of the dryer and get another load started while I’m at it. I start to fold the laundry when I remember that I meant to have lunch.


12:30: I make myself a quick salad (arugula, beets, a sprinkle of parmesan, and a little ranch dressing with a bottle of water to drink). I get two bites in before O wakes up. Of course. When I pick him up it becomes apparent that those prunes didn’t completely leave his system this morning. Smelly diaper change in the middle of lunch…Why not?

12:40: Dispose of butt bomb and wash my hands. I decide to try eating with O on my lap and by some miracle he cooperates. After I eat, we have another round of chase the baby around the living room while I attempt to fold laundry. O decides to help by pulling all of the laundry out of the chair and onto the floor. This keeps him occupied, so I play along by putting the clothes back into the chair so he can pull them out again. I use this opportunity to teach him about colors. “See that shirt of Mama’s that you’re dragging across the floor? That’s a pink shirt. Oh, and that sock you’re chewing on? Why, that’s white…” O laundry 2:30 pm: O is suddenly STARVINGRIGHTNOW so I make him a bottle. He takes his sweet time eating, then starts to act sleepy. Bouncing doesn’t seem to work so I take him upstairs to rock him in his bedroom.

3:15 pm: O is asleep in his crib. I go downstairs to work on more laundry and fold, fold, fold. While I’m at it, I pick up the living room. Because I apparently love doing the same thing a hundred times a day.

4:45 pm: O is awake and HANGRY. Retrieve the little chomper from his crib, change his (thankfully not poopy) diaper and hook him up with a bottle. Hey, did I mention I have MORE laundry to fold? This time O is occupied, so I get a lot done while he downs his bottle. We count the clothes as I fold. I may or may not do a pretty crappy Sesame Street Count Dracula impression while we fold and count. “ONE t-shirt, AH-AH-AAAAHHHH…”

6:00 Holy Mother, the kid pooped again. Change diaper, get him out if his onesie and into his high chair. Time for some veggies!

6:15 pm: BF comes home with formula, diapers, and a hand-held bug zapper. He proceeds to then wander about the house zapping flies, completely distracting O from his dinner.

6:45 pm: The boy is finally done eating. I clean him up and wipe down the high chair and tray. He goes in the play yard for a minute while I take a couple of baskets of clean clothes upstairs. By the time I get back down (maybe a minute later), he’s tired of being in there and letting me know about it. I let him out and he immediately heads over to bang on the tv screen. We start the “you know you aren’t allowed to do that” dance, where I pick him up and deposit him away from the tv, and he goes right back to it. This goes in for a while, then The BF comes in and distracts O for a bit.

7:30 pm: Bedtime is near, and you can tell O is ready. I make the little grump a bottle and he sits on the BF’s lap while he eats. He gets a new diaper, then he goes with the BF for a quick evening ranger ride around the property. {Bedtime usually consists of a bath (about every other night or so since his skin tends to be a bit sensitive), a bottle, and rocking in his room while I sing songs that I’ve customized with his name. Occasionally, though, the BF likes to take him on ‘nature drives’.} While they’re gone, I put the laundry away and put dinner in the oven. Typically I start making dinner around 5, but we have leftover homemade chicken alfredo pizza (um, with bacon) so I don’t have to mess with it tonight. Hooray!

8:10 pm: The BF is back, and O is sound asleep. BF puts O in his crib, then comes down to eat. I do more dishes (bottles and dinner plates) and make a gallon of iced tea while talking to the BF. After I’ve got the kitchen cleaned up he heads off to do some more work. The man is always working, seriously.

9:00 pm: I sit down and eat a piece of pizza, then I decide I need ice cream. I flip through the guide on the tv and find that a show I like comes on at

10:00 (Tripping Out with Allie and Georgia… cutest show ever) so I switch to that channel to make sure I don’t miss it.

10:15 pm: The BF is still in his office working on something and I’m only 15 minutes into my show but…I just can’t keep my eyes open. I make my way through the house, turning off lights and stuff…Then I realize that I’ve forgotten to brush my teeth. I make it back to the bathroom in the dark, managing to only run into one wall, brush the ol’ chompers, and head upstairs to bed.


10:30 pm: I’m suddenly wide awake as soon as my head hits the pillow…So I bust out my phone and fool around on Facebook and Twitter for a bit. Thought Catalog  has tweeted links to some interesting articles, so I read those.

10:45 pm: Ok, now I’m back to being sleepy. I check the boy on the monitor and he hasn’t moved…so I sit there and stare until he fidgets just a little so I know he’s ok. Sure, I could get up and go check on him, but sometimes just breathing near his doorway wakes him up and then it’s TIME TO PLAY, MAMA! Um, no. I’ll just lay here and squint at the monitor, thanks.

Sometime around 11:00 pm: ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…   So there you have it. An honest answer to the question I always get when I tell people I’m a stay at home mom: “What do you do all day?!” No, I don’t get bored…And no, I don’t just ‘sit on my ass all day’ as some people would suggest. In fact, I don’t generally stop moving until I flop down on the couch some time after the sun goes down.

I did not document all of the times I went to the bathroom (so don’t worry, I do pee and poop during the day), but just assume that any time O naps or is contained or is being distracted by someone else I take the opportunity to go pee. Even if I don’t have to, I try.

What? You just never know when you’ll get the opportunity again.

I actually chose a pretty light day, as far as cleaning goes… Typically I pick a room and clean it top to bottom (as best I can with a 9 month old) each day…And I usually try to do a load of laundry a day to avoid days like this. I wasn’t home much last week, though, so a day of laundry catch-up was necessary!

What does your day look like? Do you stay home or do you go to work?