Sometimes, I just need something spicy and comforting. When I worked in the big city, I would talk a coworker into going to Mudbugs with me for some gumbo, or court bouillon, or crawfish casserole, or red beans and rice, or…ok, you get the point. Oh, how I loved that little restaurant and their delicious Cajun food.

I no longer work in the big city. I rarely ever go to the big city. Hell, a big outing for me is going to the grocery store these days.

I had pinned a recipe for sausage and shrimp jambalaya some time ago, and I thought the unseasonably cool weather last week was perfect for a nice big bowl of that yummy deliciousness. I took myself to the grocery store and set out to make some jambalaya.

The original recipe is here, and I used that as a guide. I made mine in a stock pot (who doesn’t love a one-pot meal?) on the stove rather than baked in a casserole. I used the entire box (32oz) of chicken stock and probably a cup of tomato juice. I also used hot breakfast sausage instead of the suggested variety, and pre-cooked, cleaned shrimp that I tossed in at the last minute. I only put shrimp in there for the BF since I don’t eat that nasty shit.

Holy moly, this stuff was good!




Next time I might even throw some corn in there, and maybe even some fresh okra.

Bonus: This stuff gets better after it’s spent a night or two in the fridge!