Friday evening the BF and I decided to make an appearance at the Ladoga fish fry. If you haven’t been to a fish fry, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Also? Can we go ahead and agree to pronounce it Ladogey from now on? Ok, thanks.

Unfortunately for us, the line was ridiculously long so we didn’t eat at the fish fry… Instead, we ventured down the street to one of my favorite restaurants, the L&M. I’ve mentioned my love of old people restaurants before and this place definitely falls into that category. Want to know why?



Oh yes, a salad bar complete with mayonnaise-y salads, fruit and marshmallow concoctions, and beets. I didn’t look through the menu enough to see if they have Manhattans because I got the same thing I always get:


Holy fried clam goodness, Batman. Weird but true: I don’t do shrimp (gag) but I looooooove fried clams. Yup.

After dinner we went back to the fish fry to watch fireworks.

I’d like to pause here to mention that the Ladogey fish fry totally trumps the Montgomery county fair. Double-ewe tee eff, guys?!

O slept through the entire fireworks display and the ride home. Of course he did.

Yesterday morning I woke up at NINE AM HOLY SHIT GUYS because the BF somehow heard O before I did and decided to let me sleep. What a neat guy. I decided to reward him (ok, and I didn’t get enough from the salad bar the night before) by making cucumbers and onions. Is there an official name for this? I have no idea, but it’s delicious.

It’s also easy!

I used:
2 large-ish cucumbers
1 medium white onion
2 cups water
1 cup white vinegar
1/2 cup sugar
Pinch of salt

Thinly slice the cukes and onions, then dump into a bowl with everything else. Stir, cover, and refrigerate (preferably) overnight.


Helloooo, yummy goodness!