When I mentioned that I wanted to do a Q&A post, I kind of expected to get a few repeat questions. I didn’t expect most of them to be pretty much the exact same question:

How did you lose the baby weight so fast?

I’m going to wait a while longer to do the Q&A post, but I felt like I should go ahead and devote a post to the issue of baby weight. The thing is, you can’t rush it. A lot of people will tell you that it took nine months to gain it all, so you should expect it to take a while to come off… And they’re right. Be patient with yourself. Eat well, get rest, and when you’re ready maybe get into some light exercising.

Don’t expect your body to snap back to what it was, either… You’re going to notice that some things are just different now. I had a c-section and then another surgery six months later, so I’ll always have a big ol’ gnarly scar that practically goes from one hip to the other. My boobs have also shrunk quite a bit. I’m not sure what size I am now, but it sure isn’t a C cup! If you have stretch marks or a little bit of floppy belly skin, don’t sweat it. You might be surprised at what will happen if you just give it some time. The way I see it, my body did a pretty great thing and my scar is proof of that. I’m not at all ashamed of how I look now, and you shouldn’t be either.

As far as losing weight, it’s perfectly natural to want to get back into your normal clothes and feel like your old self again. If you want to expedite that process I have one giant recommendation:


Besides being the best thing you can do for your baby, breastfeeding is pretty great for mom as well. Check out this article from HealthyChildren.org for lots of good info. Did you read the part about burning 400-500 calories a day? Uh, yeah. Let me reiterate that: 400-500 calories a day.

So, you could circuit train, do one of these 30 Minute workouts, or you could try one of these cardio challenges…OR you could just feed your baby…for free, I might add.

I’m not saying you never need to work out, but in the beginning your focus should be with the baby and making sure to let your body heal, not “OH MY GOD I HAVE TO BE IN MY SKINNY JEANS A MONTH AFTER I SQUEEZE THIS KID OUT”. Anyone that tells you otherwise is an asshole.

So here’s the deal… Don’t feel pressured to get your pre-baby body back right away because chances are, it ain’t gonna happen anyway. I mean, you could get it back with expensive plastic surgery, but that’s a little ridiculous. You also don’t need a personal trainer, some wacky diet plan, diet pills, or whatever else those stupid ads on the right side of your Facebook newsfeed are peddling. Just breastfeed if you can, eat well, and remember that your body needs time to heal.

If you’re still not convinced…


The morning of my C-Section (in November). Please disregard the backwards writing…It was 3:00 A.M. and I was sleepy.


The morning after my fibroid was removed, July 2nd. Yes, you’ve seen this picture before.

I weighed about 135 the day I found out I was knocked up and by the time I took that first pic I was up to about 165. When I took the second picture, I was at 130…Today I weigh about 126. With the exception of having the fibroid removed, all I did was eat a reasonably healthy diet (with a few treats here and there) and breastfeed**.

I hope that answers the baby weight questions… As far as the others, I will do a Q&A post as soon as I have a handful of different questions. We’re getting there…So if you have a question about anything, email it to me at willfullydisobedientblog (at) gmail (.) com.

**For my new readers…I wrote a post a while ago about exclusive pumping, which is how I had to do it. If you have a question about pumping that isn’t covered in that post, please send it my way!