Today was my first post-op doctor appointment. I’ve been looking forward to it because I haven’t been out of the house much. Plus, I enjoy my doctor. She’s awesome.

If you’ve liked my page on Facebook, you probably saw the update regarding my rather poor clothing choice considering today’s weather. What can I say? I’ve never really been good at dressing appropriately for the conditions… I’m the same girl that wears flip-flops in winter, after all. Good news, though…We had one big storm that lasted about an hour and the rest of the day has been clear. Good thing my appointment was later in the afternoon!

At my appointment, I learned that Fred weighed almost three pounds. Now, I know that doesn’t sound all that impressive…But according to my doc, he was roughly the size of a 30-week pregnancy (O was born at 39 weeks). My doc and I both marvelled at the fact that my insurance company said my surgery was not medically necessary at first, forcing us to jump through hoops to prove it really was. The nurse that did most of the work to get it approved was there, and I offered to sing her Wind Beneath My Wings as a show of appreciation. She politely declined and left the room shaking her head. There was a smile on her face, though…one that said “Man, I totally wanted to hear her sing Wind Beneath My Wings”.

I told doc I had considered having the thing taxidermied so I could give it to O…And that a friend suggested I have it bronzed and made into a keychain. She thought both ideas were pretty funny, though we both agreed that having it on a keychain might do damage to my steering column.

Unfortunately, I still have a bunch of restrictions. I was kind of hoping she’d say I could do whatever I wanted since I’m such a good patient, but I guess having your gut cut open so a giant fibroid can be removed takes longer than a week to heal. I asked about the bruising, because I was afraid I had the binder* on too tight…She informed me that the bruising all around my incision was from trying to get Fred out…that she had to use forceps and still struggled quite a bit. She was determined, she said, not to have to cut me vertically.

She relented when I asked (ok, borderline begged) if I could please do some extremely light exercise…So now I’m allowed to go on a short walk once a day. I’m officially done with the antibiotics, so now I can start working to re-build my supply to get O off of formula. Hooray!


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I did get a couple of questions about the binder I have referred to a couple of times… So I’ll just address that here:


An abdominal binder is used after you have a baby to kind of help things go back to where they’re supposed to be. I had one after I had O and loved it… I asked for one this time to help with the swelling, as well as to maintain pressure and support for my incision.