I’ve got to say, recovery is incredibly boring. I’m not allowed to do anything.

I started out doing a lot of reading… I finished the first book I bought pretty quickly. When I started the second, I got through the first paragraph and realized I’d read it before. Damn it.

I spent some time hanging out in the kitchen with the BF while he made dinner last night… I even managed to feed O some pears after the BF plunked him down in his high chair for me. I’ve tried to be up moving around as much as possible. I can’t stand or move around too much or I get dizzy and worn out. I have been able to shower, which is definitely a plus. Today I knocked my giant bottle of conditioner off of the shelf, which caused the BF to come running. Oops.

I didn’t wake up Friday night to take my pain meds, and I fell asleep wearing my binder. I think the combination made for a far more painful morning. Saturday was just more painful in general… and the bruising!

I’ve sneezed a handful of times and it’s miserable. I check my incision every time, because it feels like it’s being ripped open. Laughing still hurts, too. I can do little more than snort when I find something funny. Occasionally something catches me off guard and I laugh at it…but immediately regret it.


Ah, the glamorous life while in recovery.

I’m going to enjoy the rest of this mini Veronica Mars marathon I discovered and then I think I’ll have lunch.

Boring, yes. Stressful? Not one bit.