This post contains pictures of my actual fibroid and my surgery. If that grosses you out, you might not want to continue.


Last chance to turn back…



So we all remember what I looked like before…


Meet Fred, y’all.

I’m waiting to hear how much it weighed but my nurse this morning said she thought at least five pounds. My doc thought it was less than that… we’ll see.

At any rate, I feel pretty awesome. I had my last dose of Toradol around 3:00 am and my catheter came out this morning around 6:00. My doc came to visit and said as soon as I peed I was cleared to go home. No joke, I was expected to be in the hospital for at least 3 days. I stayed longer when I had my C-Section, even though this was considered to be more of a major surgery because I was under general anesthesia.

I’ve been up walking around all morning and I peed about half an hour ago… so now I’m just waiting for the official word that I can go home. Hooray!

My doc said I was the best patient ever. My anesthesiologist said she couldn’t believe the size of Fred…and she was impressed at how well I’ve done.


I still have some swelling, but I couldn’t resist snapping a pic this morning. What a huge difference already!

Thanks for all of the kind words and prayers!