So I’m having surgery on Tuesday morning and since I’ve left most everything to the last minute, I’m not sure when I’ll be back to posting. If I were a responsible blogger I would have some drafts ready to auto-post… but that’s an awful lot of preparedness.

I really hope to at least post a picture or a mini-update on Tuesday afternoon…but I’ll be fairly heavily medicated so who knows what will happen. I apologize in advance for any off the wall, pain med-induced updates that might happen.


Got my blood work over with today. Woo!

As I was getting my blood drawn today, the nice woman and I chatted about my upcoming surgery. Turns out, she’d had the same procedure a few years ago.

“I had a ten pound baby with no meds,” she exclaimed,”but this surgery was a HELL of a lot worse!”

Um…That’s not really what I wanted to hear.

“And don’t get me wrong, he split me wide open! It HURT!”

Ok, really?!

“Oh, I see that they’ve ordered two bags of your blood to have ready… So you’re going to be a problem patient, huh?”


She did give me a hug before I left and said she’d be praying for me… So that was nice. She obviously didn’t understand what a roller coaster I’ve been on trying to get this surgery done and I think she was genuinely trying to comfort me… But…yeah.

If you’re so inclined, I would appreciate any prayers you’d like to send my way. If you aren’t a praying person, good vibes are welcome, too!

I hope to be back soon. Love to you all!

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What should I bring to the hospital?