I’ve been pretty busy lately… With Father’s Day, the Dave Matthews Band concert, and the BF’s birthday all happening within days of one another I feel like I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Add in the surgery I’m supposed to be having next week (but maybe not thanks to my insurance company) and I haven’t had much time for menu planning. To be honest, there hasn’t been a lot of cooking going on in my kitchen.

I know. I’m disappointed in me, too.

Last Thursday I had to make the 30ish minute drive for a last minute ultrasound that insurance was demanding. I got back to town and realized I needed to make a trip to the store and I still didn’t know what I was making for dinner.

I opened Pinterest to see if I had anything easy in my food board. Before I could even open my own pins, I saw a spaghetti recipe that seemed easy enough. It was better than the frozen pizza I was seriously considering, so I grabbed what I needed at the store and headed home.


The original pin can be found here.

For once in my life I actually followed the recipe almost exactly. I didn’t use the entire box of angel hair pasta, and I seasoned my ground beef with some salt, pepper, and a little granulated garlic…those were the only changes I made. It was pretty easy to make, and it was surprisingly good. Million dollar good? Eh, maybe not. I’m not really sure what that even means…




You’ll end up with a lot of food… so be prepared for leftovers. I finally tossed the last little bit because I just couldn’t eat any more of it. I’m not sure if this would freeze well.

I’d make this again, with a few changes. I think a rectangular baking dish is the way to go with this one, because you’ll have thinner spaghetti layers. I used a deeper dish and had a lot if plain spaghetti in the middle. I’ll probably add some chopped garlic, maybe some basil and oregano to the cheeses.

It’s a good throw-together meal when you don’t have a clue what to make!