Oh, Paula…

You know what? I think this whole fiasco is ridiculous. Ok, so you used the N word. So. Freaking. What.

Well it’s offensive. Well some people don’t like it. Well she’s white, so she doesn’t get to say that word. It’s racist.

I think giving that much power to one little word is pretty stupid. Yes, I know why people get all up in arms about it, but seriously. Just let it go. You know what I do think is offensive? How about the fact that you’re responsible for something as disgustingly artery-clogging as fried butter?! I mean, people need to take responsibility for their own choices (ugh, and why would you eat fried butter by choice?!) but why did you even need to go there?

That apology video you posted? That’s weak sauce, Paula. It’s pretty obvious that you weren’t apologizing because you genuinely felt bad about what you said…but because you got caught. There was no lesson learned, you were just begging Food Network to keep you…Ten bucks says you dropped a couple of unsavory words after filming that grovelfest.

I don’t even know why you’re so worried. You still have your restaurants and your overpriced line of cookware. Besides, good ol’ Kimmy K just squeezed out the baby of the century, so people will forget about your N word fiasco as soon as the (millions of) pictures start popping up everywhere.