When I created my baby registry, I looked at a lot of baby books for little O. I thought all of them were just kind of cheesy, but I put a couple on my registry because I thought we were supposed to have one.


I was perusing the scrapbook aisle at Wal-Mart (it’s all we have in my town, unfortunately) looking for something to use as a guestbook for my baby shower when I happened upon something interesting. It’s called a Smash book, made by K&Company. There are books for every occasion (wedding, travel, etc…) and the Baby version was perfect to use as a baby shower guest book/baby book for little O.

This book comes with a black pen/glue stick that is really handy…and it’s a lot like a Sharpie pen. I love Sharpie pens.

They also come in blue and pink.

There are tons of other accessories you can order through the website… Pockets, acid-free tape, notepads, etc… I could spend a lot of money on this stuff but I manage to practice self-control.

Ok, I ordered a blue pen and some acid-free tape while writing this post. I’m only human.

I plan to try to cram O’s first year into it, but I’ve got an awful lot of stuff in there already. I may have to buy another book for the remaining five months. 

2013-06-14 19.02.43


Part of the reason I love this book so much is that it’s completely original. Instead of having the same baby book that every other kid has (because they really are all the same), my little guy will have a book that is unique. 

Part of me wants to buy one for every year, so he has his very own library. I have a feeling I’ll meet with some opposition from The BF on that one. Besides, if we ever had more kids I’m not sure I could keep it up.

Just so you know, K&Company did not pay me to write this…they don’t even know I exist. If they wanted to send me some free stuff I would certainly let them, though!

They have a blog, and as of today (June 18, 2013) you get a 10% off code by checking it out here.

I happen to think this would be a great gift for a new mom, or perhaps for a newly married couple.