I ran into town earlier today, and somehow I managed to drop a wad of dollar bills while lugging my tank of a baby out to the car. I figured they were gone and lost forever, considering how windy it’s been.

When I got home, O was sound asleep in his carrier. I took him in the house and went back outside to re-trace my steps on the off chance some of the money was still there. I was shocked when I saw a lone dollar sitting in the gravel of the driveway… and then another one a few feet away.

I spent the next five minutes or so wandering around my driveway and front yard, picking up dollar bills like they were a trail of bread crumbs. I found every single dollar.

The whole time I was looking, I couldn’t help but think about that State Farm commercial, with the creepy agent dangling a dollar bill in front of his customer.

It was quite a bizarre experience.

So if you happened to drive by my house at just the right time, you might have seen me wandering around the front yard, stopping to bend over at random and jumping up in excitement with a dollar bill in my hand yelling, “I found another one!”

It really doesn’t take much to make me happy, y’all.